Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cabrera Wins Triple Crown

Miguel Cabrera stands out in my mind because I went to a Florida Marlins game in 2003 in May or June when he hit his FIRST major league home run. I wasn't following the Fish closely, but a guy in a seat a few rows down said "Yeah, that guy came up from the minors a couple of days ago."
I used to passionately follow baseball in the fifties when the Braves won the World Series in Milwaukee. Indeed, my mother went instead of myself to see the famous 12-inning Perfect Game that Pittsburgh Pirate Harvey Haddix threw against the Braves in June, '58. My mom said it was "the most boring game" she ever saw.
The Washington Nationals are also connected to me. Eddie Cohen was a good friend of mine during the seventies, a guy who kept saying that he was going to marry a rich girl so he wouldn't have to work. Women liked Eddie, and just before I went overseas in '74 he began dating Debbie Lerner, who soon became Debra Lerner Cohen, daughter of a daddy, Ted, whose holdings totaled $3.9 billion including Tysons Corners and Chelsea Piers in NYC. Guess Eddie got his dream...

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