Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Do Women Hate Palin?

Peggy Noonan continues her diatribe against Sarah Palin. She makes some semi-valid points, but she forgets that in comparison to Joe Biden, Sarah Palin ain't so bad at all. And her Upper East Side New Yorker bitchiness condescends and disparages any language that is not "adult," whatever that is.

My daughter tells me that she and her friends, most of whom are Jewish, all like Sarah Palin and admire her as a person because she actually had a small business and she is first mate on her husband's fishing boat during the salmon season. And she has kids, oops, I forgot---she has children, one of whom is a Down Syndrome child who has a soul just like the snooty lace-curtain Irish snob Noonan.

I once got close to a woman who is now a Senior Vice President of Shell Oil. She told me that women are much more bitchy and harsh towards other women than towards men---almost to a point of pathology. She thought it had something to do with an unexamined inner competition for men, plus the green-eyed evil of envy.

Whatever the reason, Noonan should rise above her parochial, gilded-cage elitism and recognize that most Americans want to feel that their leaders empathize with them. Yes, Sarah is a work in progress and a bit too enthusiastic for jaded cynics like Noonan---maybe she isn't an avid auto-didact as Truman was, a man who knew more history and philosophy than the New York-snob FDR, truly a parochial child of wealth and privilege who got his gentlemen's C's at Harvard and coasted all his life. A "chameleon on plaid," much like the utterly untested and untried Sen. Obama.

Why Noonan doesn't note Obama's dearth of experience and Biden's serial goofiness demonstrates again the clubby elitism of the Left Coasts and their outposts in Chicago and other large urban moral sewers of PC insanity.

Noonan, her buddy Murphy, and other lace-curtain Irish should listen to Joe the Plumber. And remember that recently in France, it was fear of the Polish Plumber that caused the French to veto signing on to the EU-nuch constitution.

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