Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gallup Daily Remains Virtually Tied

The MSM is already talking as though Obama is elected. The NYT this Sunday morning is chock-full of stories on how Obama will be a new broom and how its own faked rigged skewed polls show Obama way ahead.

The reality behind all the smoke and mirrors is being obscured so as to:

1] Discourage McCain Contributions

2] Discourage possible McCain voters from showing up to vote---the barrage of negative news on TV and the living-fossil print press is designed to make Obama seem inevitable. I've seen this movie at least half-a-dozen times in close races.

3] Promote an illusory "tidal wave" of voters for Obama, whereas Karl Rove correctly notes that BHusseinO has not yet closed the deal, made the sale, and all the verbal calisthenics of the NYT & the Chicago Mafia outliers [including gnarled gnome George Will], all the pyrotechnics of celebtard endorsements, all the huffing and puffing of so-called "moderate" straw men like Powell and the unctiously moronic Gergen, all these exercises in flimflammery will not convince, or at least have yet to convince, the average American.

4] Denigrate the McCain/Palin ticket with every sleazy weapon in the libtard arsenal, as the NYT did yesterday to Cindy McCain, and tried to do with a Ms. Iseman early this year. Pinch Sulz-bulger [reference to Mass family of pol/crimelord] is ordering his army of orcs and subterranean worm farm inhabitants to keep bulldozing piles of sludge against the McCain ticket [after endorsing McCain in lat '07]. When the NYT Editorial called McCain a "racist" for linking Obama to white terrorist Bill Ayers, the complete insanity and hysterical nuttiness of the Old Grey Aunt in the Attic was on full display.

5] Conversely, praise Obama & the compulsively silly Biden for policies which don't exist except on the backs of napkins. For every faux pas that Palin commits, Biden has ten major gaffes that simply point out his inability to speak and think at the same time.

6] Accuse McCain & Palin of racism every time they make any comment about Obama's shady past associations.

I'm sure I've left out a few more principles of the Democrat-dirt-machine, but it's the Lord's Day and why fill it with examples of Democrat hatred and dishonesty. All these will be repeated every day next week and the week after that until the election just over a fortnight away.

Let's see what the Dem RICO Crime Spree can concoct between now and then.

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