Monday, October 27, 2008

UN Devoutly Hopes Obama Will Emasculate US Foreign Policy

Obama is the devout hope of the UN Commissar EU-nuch elites as our next president. Although John Bolton politely opines that it is the refusal of conservatives to "worship at the altar of New York" that offends the feckless eff-ups in the world's least efficient bureaucracy [save a few benighted hellholes in Africa like Zimbabwe]. However, during my time in IO/UNP at the State Dept, I found it was the fact that the US actually takes UN resolutions seriously, unlike the gelded eunuchs in the 'professional' bureaucracy---save for a few knight-errants who actually want to make a difference.

The reason among others that the US invaded Iraq was that Saddam had ignored 17 UN resolutions. Instead of praising the Bush Administration, as the UN had praised the US & NATO for intervening unilaterally in Bosnia and later in Serbia [after the UN troops---cowardly Dutch drunks---were chained to lampposts for the local males to bugger at will at Srebenice]. Or was that vice versa. At any rate, Clinton was PRAISED for bypassing the feckless moron Kofi Annan and getting the job done. The difference is that most of the UN SC & GA members are socialist at least in name & constitution, and they took BJ Clinton to be a closet member of their own corrupt elites.

However, George W. Bush represented the US Constitution and its independence from outside powers, no matter what a socialist candidate like Obama might construe it as in his existential riffs on its role in American society [basically, BHusseinO thinks it's holding back the US from redistribution of wealth---ala Venezuela].

And we all know that "redistribution of wealth" really means funneling the wealth of the rich to the political elites such as Obama represents [trial lawyers, teachers' unions, academicides, media moguls of the Hollyweird variety, corrupt Dem political machines in Chicago, Boston, NYC & the District of Columbia, and at the very very end of the queue, the parched [for booze] and starving [for drugs & sex] lazy sturdy beggars who are the Dem constituencies at the bottom of the elitist pyramid].

France tried this in 1789 and six republics, two empires, two monarchies & a nice quiet interlude under Hitler's thumb in the early forties later, France is still struggling to sort it out---tax collectors to the contrary nothwithstanding. Russia tried it in 1917 and political tyranny ensued for seventy-plus years---at a cost under Stalin alone of over fifty million USSR citizens sacrificed to Stalin's incompetence [vs. Hitler] and Gulag & collectivization & the Ukrainian forced famine & his many political terrors, including the decimation of the Soviet officer corps just before WWII. The People's Republic of Capitalism has emerged from Mao's terrorism on his own people which may have cost 100 million lives in Great Leaps and a Thousand Flowers and Cultural Revolting. Let's leave out Pol Pot & Fidel & Chavez & the Burmese Socialist Revolting & even Zimbabwe's thriving socialist economy where quintillions of Z-dollars exchange hands daily.

What the UN really hates is the success of US capitalism and their own serfhood under the gaze of a country which has been the largest producer of goods and services of any nation since 1880, and still produces over a quarter of the world's goods & services even while the Lilliputians of Turtle Bay try to tie down this giant with threads of gossamer verbiage.

And woe betide any country that is successful, as the US has finally been in Iraq, because that just makes the infantile moronic twits in the UN bureaucracy hiss & screech even more.


John S. Bolton said...

This part of what of the markets may be fearing, a waning of American influence. Ruthless players can increase conflict in ways that had gone relatively dormant. A left that uses financial panic-mongering should get a huge negative reaction from our electorate.

dave in boca said...

Yes, John. The international business world needs the dollar as the gold standard currency---EU bankers would see the Euro meddled with for political reasons by the Lilliputians like Herr Junker of Luxembourg who believes he is a world-class statesman! Even Gordon Brown is smart enough to understand that shifting from the dollar to the euro would be worse than going to the gold standard, which at least is stable and relatively free from manipulation.

The EU-nuchs should be careful of what they wish for!