Thursday, October 30, 2008

Howard Fineman "Astonished" That the Race is so Close

Newsweak Pundit Fineman appears to be on the Keith Odorboy Show almost nightly, and is still a bit confused. Read what this indefatigable sycophant whose bias has been pro-Obama non-stop 24-7-365 since it was decided by the Libtard Presidium last year that Hillary was not acceptable---leaving only Obama as their sock-puppet-in-charge:
By all accounts and by all odds, Obama is fairly comfortably ahead in the Electoral College—which, as Al Gore will tell you, is what matters.

On TV Wednesday night, Obama will give what one aide described to me as a “meaty” discourse on his basic tax and health-care proposals. No high-flown rhetoric, but rather a briefing paper for wary undecided swing voters---most of whom, the campaign thinks, are “soft Republicans” who kind of want to vote for Obama but need reassurance.

And yet, in the meantime, Sen. John McCain has not quite disappeared in the rear-view mirror.

I find that astonishing. And, if you are in the Obama campaign, you have to find that at the very least a teeny bit troubling in these last days.

Let me repeat the following litany, just for the sake of wonder if nothing else:

Consumer confidence is at an all-time low. The job performance rating of the outgoing Republican president is at Nixon-Carter levels. Nine out of ten voters think the country is off on the wrong track. The Democrats lead in the generic congressional preference vote by a double-digit margin.

Obama has outspent McCain on TV advertising three or four to one (though McCain is matching him in some key states here at the end). Obama has four thousand paid organizers in key states, an unheard of number. Most voters think that McCain’s running mate is not qualified to be president. Many people wonder aloud if McCain is in fact too old (72) to be president. Much of the media coverage of Obama has been fawning to say the least, and with good reason. He is one of the most winsome, charismatic candidates to have appeared on the scene in decades.

Still, in today’s “traditional Gallup” Daily Tracking Poll (the one that screens likely voters most rigorously, based on past votes), Obama leads McCain by only two percentage points, 49 to 47 percent.

Yep, it's the culture war, according to this armchair admiral, or whatever you call an underqualified opinionated hack nowadays.

Couldn't be that Obama has been uniunvestigated, or that his associations with treasonous racist rabble like Ayers, Wright, Farrakhan, and crooks like Rezko might bother more curious and less gullible Americans who are guilty of exercising their intellects rather than judging winsome charisma as the chief qualification to be POTUS.

That would be assuming that the average American is far brighter and ethically and morally superior to the lax stoned slackers that comprise the libtard socialist-wannabes scribbling daily their lubricious nonsense about a remote and undefined fellow who may be worse than Jimmy Carter, another "winsome" dude with a toothy smile and not much else above the neck.

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knowitall said...

I was shocked that America voted for the socialist illuminati. I guess everyone wants to share their hard earned money with someone who doesn't work.