Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lying Cheating Far-Left Press Blames McCain/Palin for their Bias!!

Politico has a self-serving collection of bleats and whines that blame McCain for the bias of the ultra-left loons in the national media.

Most political journalists we know are centrists has got to be the funniest bit of nonsensical BS I have ever read. I carried a press pass for three years in DC to Congress & frequented the National Press Bldg & many functions with regularity. About 80% of the journalists there were totally committed to a leftish world view with all the trappings---change & opposition to the Republicans who at that time were in the White House [Reagan second term & GHWB first term].


Let's face it. Joe Biden is not presidential material, but like an old pair of shoes is familiar. My wife worked for Sen. Sarbanes as an Leg Asst & was privy to the Sen's thoughts, which were that his colleague on the Sen For Rel Cte good ol' Joe was a few apples short of a picnic and not the sharpest tool in the shed. And the national media rounds on Sarah Palin, who has more executive experience and experience at running a business than Biden & Obama together, as though she is a clueless nobody. She is a sitting governor with an 80% approval rating.

Since moving out of DC, I see the biases of the NYC/DC Left Coast Liberal Press more clearly than ever.

Obama has gone completely unvetted, and his relationships with Rezko, Wright, Ayers, & others are still coming to light despite the fact that the LA Times has a damaging tape on Obama. CBS 60 Minutes had an interview of Michelle Obama in which she claimed her husband might be shot "getting gas at a gas station" and other examples of victimization---this was aired in early 2007 & never surfaced during the Hillary campaign---although a chance remark by HRC in a small SD public affairs channel was trumpeted for a week because she said the Golden Fart Blossom might end up like RFK in '68. Where is the fairness in that?

Here in FL, we have Mark Foley's successor, a shit-for-brains with a bevy of mistresses he paid off & allegations involving compulsory phone sex from his EMPLOYEES in the middle of the night. And Foley was tarred & feathered for one or two suggestive e-mails aired on a now-you-see-it, now-it's-gone blog probably financed by the DNC. Not a peep in the US press about Mahoney, Maroney or whatever the creep's name is.

The American press SUCKS at the DNC tit! And gets pilloried when it asks stupid fool Biden a legitimate question about income redistribution.

The island of Manhattan could sink beneath the Atlantic along with the swamp on the Potomac, and the American people would be far better off than they are now.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the candidate has little to do with who the media is going to support. the media has such a liberal illuminati slant that it isn't even funny. I agree with you totally!

knowitall said...

The left-wing illuminati need not to even throw the bias word around, especially when pertaining to the media, because they got the soft end of the deal.