Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama Scam on Acorn has to be Confronted by McCain!

The WSJ has another editorial on what is becoming the most completely fraudulent attempt to steal an election since the 19th c. John McCain is in the process of being serially buffaloed by the MSM punditocracy into "taking the high road" and ignoring the clear systematic RICO-crimes being committed in state after state designed at the very least to throw volunteer poll workers into a tizzy on election day, when Dem ambulance-chasing ghoulish creeps [AKA lawyers] will be waiting to rush to the precinct booths to declare "irregularities." At the same time, when volunteers for Repub poll watchers are missing due to nobody volunteering in out-of-the-way precincts, ACORN moles take their place in perfect bad faith in order to okay all disputed ballots---almost all of which will be for Obama, a former legal counsel to ACORN who now claims that like Ayers, Wright, and his white grandma, they mean hardly anything at all to him----"just people he knew in the neighborhood." [Like his dying mother, whom he couldn't go south to see because of "scheduling conflicts."]

When is John McCain, who started this sort of do-gooder stuff gone terribly wrong with McCain/Feingold, going to man up and confront Obama---maybe on the stage tomorrow in Nashville?

Let's see which Johnny Mack shows up. If he just prowls the stage and mouths pious exhalations, it's curtains and he might as well quit and default.

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knowitall said...

In their defense, both McCain and Palin tried to expose the liberal illuminati and their associations, but when the media is their favor, what can you do?