Wednesday, October 22, 2008

AP & IBD/TIPP Polls Have Race in Dead Heat!

And the latest AP poll still has the race at a dead heat! As does an IBD/TIPP poll.

It demonstrates the now-ridiculous bias of the "liberal" newsies-pressies-emptyheads-talking/writing their gibberish on how big Obama's victory will be. These airhead/ditzes and dorks actually believe their own puke-spew on how mean and dishonorable McCain is to actually point out that Obama hangs out with [Black] racists, terrorists, anti-Semites, and other economic criminals like Barney Frank, whose "husband" was VP of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the early years of their RICO reign of extortion/bribery to get Jimmie Carter's oaf-head CRA goals established.

And Sarah Palin gets heat while consummate gaffer JOE BIDEN is ten times the total fool that the Dems and their Repub Rats [Brooks, Murphy, Noonan, Parker et al] make Sarah out to be. BTW, RINO Rats named above are all Upper East Side Contemptible Rodents looking to remain safely ensconced in the cocoon of NYC salon set parlour parleys with Baba Wawa & other Contemptible Rodents of the Dem persuasion. Davey B wouldn't want his NYT Op-Ed pulpit threatened.

Biden's complete oafish idiocy has caused him to be reined in twice now for retuning his strangely truthful story lines. [Joe knows that Obama will screw up terribly in the first year despite media ravings and then a huge backlash will develop---only Joe was stupid enuf to admit it out loud. And Joe knows that Obama is a wimpy tyro on foreign policy and will probably eff-up big-time, so he tells us we should cut the slacker some slack!!!] Yet he gets protection from Andiarrhea Mitchell and others at MSN[D]NC who thankfully have ratings in the toilet.

Kirsten Powers certainly has buffoon Biden firmly in her sights, pointing out the obvious bias.

And of course, the MSM has not noted that Foley's successor has now been outed in multiple affairs using campaign money to hush up his ex-girl friends and gets not a single story in the national press while a MN Congresswoman rightfully calls Obama a threat to America and gets accused of everything---double standard is the old term for a media monopoly controlled by the DNC. Bachmann was foooolish to go on the MSNBC mousetrap gauntlet-run, and should have been much more on guard with Tweety-Bird who wants to re-establish cred with his socialist masters.

Foley got caught by an anonymous blogger who disappeared after displaying a couple of suggestive e-mails. Maloney is caught spending hundreds of thousands in hush money and gets no media reprimand.

WTF is going on?

It looks like this fellow has figured it out. I'll bet he'll never get praised for telling the truth---in fact, I expect him to be attacked for it!!!

POSTSCRIPTI do know one thing. I would rather be called vulgar by silly snob Noonan who is a sixty-year old divorcee clinging to her social status in East Side salons than to desert my family.

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John S. Bolton said...

I think the global markets may be panicking over the prospect of a militarily weak America under a left administration, among other things.