Saturday, October 04, 2008

Barney Frank is a Criminal Who should be Investigated

Barney Frank's "husband" was a senior functionary at Fannie Mae. Read Fox for how two faggots started the snowballing effect of bad mortgages that ended up destroying elements of Wall Street and American financial credibility. Here is the punchline/lede:
Although Frank now blames Republicans for the failure of Fannie and Freddie, he spent years blocking GOP lawmakers from imposing tougher regulations on the mortgage giants. In 1991, the year Moses was hired by Fannie, the Boston Globe reported that Frank pushed the agency to loosen regulations on mortgages for two- and three-family homes, even though they were defaulting at twice and five times the rate of single homes, respectively.

As this is real journalism, it won't appear in the MSM, whose Friday edition of the NYT DNC Agitprop puts the entire blame on SEC Chair Christopher Cox.

And McCain evidently can't string enough sentences together to make a paragraph on that as part of his talking points.

So we have a serial-RICO scheme party electing its candidate for POTUS.

Maybe John McC should snooze for the next month and get Palin to make the points he should have been making long ago.

Some maverick.


knowitall said...

He should, but he won't. That is why you have the entire left-wing illuminati shaking in their boots because after Palin turned in Stevens, they know she'll turn in Frank and all the other elitist.

knowitall said...

I have to say it again, the elitist illuminati will not be investigated, and Barney and Crew have more power now, just think of what they'll do.