Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deluge of New New Deal Means Big Government Interference on the Economy

Professor Paul Rubin at Emory describes the awful cascade of lies and intrusive government already lined up after a Democrat victory:
The new president's response was to restructure the economy with the New Deal -- an expansion of the role of government once unimaginable in America. We now know that FDR's policies likely prolonged the Great Depression because the economy never fully recovered in the 1930s, and actually got worse in the latter half of the decade. And we know that FDR got away with it (winning election four times) by blaming his predecessor, Herbert Hoover, for crashing the economy in the first place.

Read Amity Schlaes book The Forgotten Man: A New History of The Great Depressionfor an extended excursion through Roosevelt's flimflammery. Prof. Rubin points out that hyper-liberal Obama will employ a completely corrupt media to bolster his spurious planning when it inevitably becomes harmful to the economy. There is a whole playbook Obama can benefit from:
He'll blame Republicans for having caused the market crash in the first place, and so escape blame for the consequences of his policies. It worked for FDR and, so far in this campaign, blaming Republicans and George W. Bush has worked for Mr. Obama.

And Prof Rubin notes that the buffoon Al Gore [D+ on his only science course in religious school!] will marshal the gullible victims of delusional hysteria into action:
Even before the current crisis, there was a great demand for increased government regulation to limit global warming. That gives the next president a ready-made box in which to place more regulation, and a legion of supports eager for it.

The reason that these specious claims will gain widespread support comes from the fact that most Americans suffer from an educational system that indoctrinates rather than educates students into critical thinking skills. And Rubin notes that the proprietary tapeworms employed by the Democrat Party are suffused with victimization and non-productive employment skills which exacerbate and cause confrontation rather than build a more perfect union:
Democrats draw their political power from trial lawyers, unions, government bureaucrats, environmentalists, and, perhaps, my liberal colleagues in academia. All of these voting blocs seem to favor a larger, more intrusive government. If things proceed as they now appear likely to, we can expect major changes in policies that benefit these groups.

Prof. Rubin is probably correct in his assessment of the outcome of a "New New Deal" that will be just as unsuccessful as the old New Deal:
If those of us who favor free markets for the freedom and prosperity they bring are right, the political system may soon put our economy on track for a catastrophe.

Meet the new hoax, bigger than the old hoax.

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