Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cuba Starves While Castro Pontificates on US Elections

The moronic egomaniac ruling the imprisoned slave-state, oops, workers' paradise, spews his usual nonsense while food rations are being distributed as his island cannot feed itself.

Meanwhile, the two chief enemies of capitalism in the USA are planning to be joined by a third socialist in the White House after Nov. 4th, a person who will be elected by massive vote fraud financed in part by the Dem Party's illegal arm, called ACORN, already being investigated in several key "battleground states."

After these lunatics take over the asylum, they will effectively cripple political opposition by enacting a "Fairness Doctrine" to impair the only venue of opposition, since the majority of literate Americans detest their philosophy, but the hyperliterate hysterics on the two left coasts will enable the fake registrations for voting and hamper other institutions like private education to make their country look more like Venezuela.

I expect the House's first order of business will be to renege on offshore drilling and to stop building any fences to keep out illegal immigrants, who can be mustered by ACORN to register under fake IDs and perpetuate a "people's democracy" like those of Chavez and Castro.

I can't wait to move offshore if there will be a sane place to live after the USA goes socialist.

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knowitall said...

Then the left-wing illuminati told the Cuban Americans he was going to help them with their government, and now they have gone back on that promise.