Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Big City Ultra-Left Dead-Trees Hemorrhaging Circulation & Revenues---per usual!

Editor & Publiasher may not have much of an audience as dwindling circ figures and plummeting revenues indicate the physical ink& paper media may be heading for what their hero called "the dustbin of history."

Good riddance to a herd of mindless Orwellian headless drones who are almost 100% pro-Democrat & pro-Big Government----perhaps this shiftless collection of middlebrow half-wits might be gunning for employment in functionary-heaven in DC after their places of employment evaporate like the gaseous political gibberish these papers emit on a daily basis.

Where are the Walter Lippmanns, the Eric Severeids, the Fred Friendlys and other men of stature and wisdom who rejected stampeding after the latest political nitwittery? The remote persona of Obama has gone unexamined and his background left uninvestigated because, as Vandehei & Harris at Politico put it:
It is not our impression that many reporters are rooting for Obama personally. To the contrary, most colleagues on the trail we’ve spoken with seem to find him a distant and undefined figure. But he has benefited from the idea that negative attacks that in a normal campaign would be commonplace in this year would carry an out-of-bounds racial subtext. That’s why Obama’s long association with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was basically a nonissue in the general election.

So moral cowardice and fear of being called a racist has kept those intrepid ink-stained wretches from probing into the seamy underworld populated by foreign-born "financiers" like Rezko, racist pastors like Wright and Pfleger, and unrepentant terrorists like Ayers & Dohrn [who may have been Michelle's "mentor" at Sidley Austin, though we'll never know as the gutless cowards in journalism have sat this election out.]

Yes, telling truth to people who don't want to hear the truth can be costly, as an Orlando anchor questioning Biden rigorously about Obama's "spread-the-wealth" reparative justice found when her station was blacklisted by the same people who screech every time the Hollyweird Ten [many of whom were guilty as charged of wannabe treason] example comes up.

Anne Applebaum wrote persuasively about where such cowardice leads a people in her Pulitzer Prize winning Gulag.

Even now, pervs and RICO crime lords like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are planning their next move after destroying the American housing market. I exaggerate for emphasis, but not by much!

Obama bids fair to become the next worst president of the 21st century after Jimmy Carter polluted the 20th with his hapless four years of incompetent silliness in the Oval Office, tending the White House tennis court schedules while interest rates rose above 16%.

But happily, Pinch Sulz-bulger [after Billy & Whitey] will have completed the destruction of his family's legacy before long---although Jeff Immelt may reduce GE to penury before Pinch effs up his NYT family heirloom beyond repair.

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knowitall said...

Sadly, we must get ready for the left-wing illuminati to use big government in their term.