Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joe The Plumber's Personal Info Illegally Taken From Ohio State Records: 1984 twenty-five years late?

Sam Joe Wurzelbacher's driver's license and tax info were lifted---possibly illegally---from the state records of Ohio shortly after he asked Obama some embarrassing questions.

Is this the beginning of the suppression of opposition that socialist governments normally pursue after gaining power? I myself worry that it could be.....

Talk radio and Fox TV will probably be "investigated" by Congress shortly after an Obama victory and the suppression of the truth that proponents of the BIG LIE [Obama's Hope & Change Chicanery] will ensue thereafter.

Bloggers beware, especially if we didn't adore the First Crime Lord before he was elected.

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knowitall said...

Too bad no indictments will go out to the person or persons who did the criminal act, because it was to bring down someone who asked the left-wing illuminati a simple question about their taxes.