Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dem Panic About What the NYT and MSM are trying to hide on the Ayers Connection

The WaPo/NYT DNC Talking Points are becoming strident, the NYT going so far as to call any reference to the Ayers/Obama connection "race-baiting."

Of course, Bill Ayers is white, but to Bob Herbert, everything is race-baiting except adoration of the Golden One.

Seriously, the anecdotal evidence that Bernardine Dohrn was Michelle Robinson's "mentor" at Sidley & Austin law firm is strong, but the NYT and Chicago "media/DNC hacks" haven't turned over that rock.
Michelle induced her then boyfriend Barry Hussein-O the next summer to intern under Dohrn and get the full dose of how to quietly overturn society Saul Alinsky style. They were both young Harvard Law students & sho' nuff, the paralegal Dohrn [she had a law degree, but was a convicted felon] introduced the newlyweds to her spouse/lifepartner Ayers who got BHO the chairmanship of the Annenberg Project worth $150 million to subvert school kids by teaching them to be revolting.

I met Ayers and soon-to-be-dead Diana Oughton at an SDS meeting in Ann Arbor. Columbia SDSer Mark Rudd stayed in my apartment and told me "Dare to cheat, dare to win."

I'll bet Obama has that advice in his head constantly.

And McCain smells that rat in Obama's underwear.

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knowitall said...

This association between the terrorist, and the liberal illuminati politician is not acceptable. We'll have terrorist in the cabinet at this rate.