Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gaffe-Prone Biden's Latest Goof Covered Up by Compliant DNC, oops, MSM

Even Dan Rather admits to a ginormous double standard as Joe Biden, the most preposterous Vice Presidential candidate in the race this year, inserts his foot into his mouth for the umpteenth time this election year. Old Dan, no friend of the right-wing media, speculates on what would have happened had Sarah Palin made the same stupid statement Biden emitted, and guessed it would be on the top-fold, front-page. Of course, Biden's moronic nocturnal emissions were nowhere to be found in the NYT or WaPo or the other pilot fish of the left-wing newsies, happily losing circulation so rapidly that their imbecilities are digging their economic graves. Mika Brzezinski is clueless as usual, wondering on MSNBC if the story is so important if she can't find it in the Post or Times. She is dumber than she looks, and she looks real dumb.

Joe Scarborough comes to the rescue, sort of, of the dismal damsel Mika's distress---he hints that the faint possibility exists that the media may be biased against McCain/Palin, a thought that has never passed through the empty head of the Polish bozette.

Andrea Mitchell disgraces herself as well, when she counters Nancy Pfotenberger [sp?] questions about NBC's honesty with a captious grunt about not needing editing advice. Methinks Andrea needs a remedial ethics course in journalism [only not at Columbia, where students devised a method of cheating at open-book ethics course tests!!!] This, of course, went unreported by the MSM, and only crept into the blogosphere, since the left-wing journalists all cover each others' exposed asses, a very wide expanse exposed to be sure.

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