Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Modest Proposal for Florida to go All-In Against DNC

Mickey Kaus forwards this bit of a strategem that might for mad Dr. Dean & Alexis Herman to back off on their punitive ruling that Florida's vote January 29th won't count because the FL delegates elected will not be accredited at the Dem National Convention next year. Here's what a Kaus reader suggests:

The Dems in Florida should go Howard Dean one better and just move themselves in front of Iowa and NH. If their votes aren't going to count for a primary after those two, why not go all in and schedule a date before both. That will completely nullify their "importance". That threat alone might get their votes back! [E.A.]

Heck, why doesn't Florida moves its primary into November, 2007? I'm almost ready to vote now! It would be worth moving the start of voting up many, many months if it could kill the Iowa caucuses, which have been a proven disaster for the Dems. ... P.S.--The 200% Solution: Better yet, we could have two rounds of primaries. Start with a full roster of non-delegate-selecting "beauty contests" in 2007, including in the big states. This would winnow the field. Then, just about the time buyer's remorse sets in and we wonder if there's not a better candidate, we could have the second round of real, official, delegate-binding primaries. ...The candidates are already campaigning and debating as if its February, so this schedule couldn't mean that much more work for them. Reporters would love it--they'd get to write about twice as many elections. And the campaigns would probably run out of money, reducing the impact of expensive TV ads! ... Win-win-win. ....

Florida has already begun a session by the Drive-By Dinosaurs in the Shunning Booth, as the Gore-bot's loss here signaled the fact that Florida is now a GOP stronghold, even with Sen. Nelson's re-election last year, the result of a disastrous Rep candidate.

Perhaps it's because Drudge, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh all dwell in S. Florida, and that Rudy will win the state in a cakewalk?

The Dems' death-wish is strong, and if they eventually snatch defeat from the jaws of victory next year, aggravating Florida voters is part of their wrong-headed logic.

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