Friday, September 21, 2007

UPDATE on Clinton Camp Throws Sex Charges From Own Glass House!

The Clinton camp is seriously trying to deflect attention from her vote for MoveOn today by opening an offensive against Rudy Giuliani on his personal life! Ignoring the old adage that People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones may get Hillary in trouble, just as her two-timin' hubby starts a high-profile book tour on TV that could generate questions to Bill about what HE thinks about Giuliani's marital irregularities.

Not on Clinton Inc. subsidiaries like NBC or CBS, but on CNN or Fox, for instance, though Billy Jeff is probably way too scared to go on Fox after young Wallace asked him a tough question.

Billy Jeff is a coward who conned his way into a draft deferment, unlike GWB, who got Dan Rather fired for intimating as much.

UPDATE: And of course, there's more about Hillary's own sexual proclivities that might be examined more closely.

[For the record, a wealthy Chicago socialite informed me a while back that she personally knew Hillary's "significant other," a female physician in NYC.]

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