Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Australian Top Cop says Global Warming Nat Security Threat

Australia's Federal Police Commissioner, a fellow named John Keelty, may be running for higher office. Here is an excerpt from a speech:
The police chief's comments were seen as diplomatically-sensitive by some local media, with a reference to the possibility of China being unable to feed its population viewed as particularly provocative.

"For China to feed its predicted 2030 population, it needs to increase its food production by about 50 percent above today's levels," Keelty said.

"How does it achieve this, if its available land is dramatically shrinking and millions of people are on the move because of land and water.

"In their millions, people could begin to look for new land and they'll cross oceans and borders to do it."

The mass displacement of people "particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, could create a great deal of social uncertainty and unrest in the region," Keelty said.

"The potential security issues are enormous and should not be underestimated."

Sound familiar? We used to call this "The Yellow Peril" in the USA.

Actually, if John puts on his thinking cap, he'd realize that the effects of global warming will make Siberia a much warmer habitat for those teeming hordes he speaks of.

With Russia's population actually shrinking rapidly due to emigration, illness, and general low morale, it has been noted that China's overflow would just have to elbow north a few hundred miles rather than swim various straits south to get to the Land of Oz.

China versus Russia. Who wouldda thunk-it?

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