Monday, September 03, 2007

Leno Starting an Early Exit? Odorboy Stinks Up NFL on NBC.

Jay Leno is starting to get serious in his endless digs and ribbing about NBC's apparent death-wish. With the evening news subsiding into ideological fever swamps, the Peacock Network has anointed political stink-bomb Keith Olbermann as color commentator on its Sunday evening NFL game-of-the-week.

Feverish leftie Jeff Zucker seems to be behind this rush to oblivion, somehow believing that his Kossack/Huffington brand of political philosophy is the next big thing. Jay's latest dig has a hint of bye-bye in its biting wit. Here's another Finke tidbit:
Almost every night in his monologue, Leno hammers the network for being in fourth place in the ratings. So, in his monologue Tuesday, Jay pointed out that Fred Thompson exited Law & Order to run for president and already he's in third place among GOP candidates. "He leaves NBC and his ratings automatically go up," Leno quipped. "I hope that works for me."

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