Friday, September 07, 2007

Fox NH Debate Most Watched of Ten So Far

The Dhimmicrats who constantly prattle on about their poll numbers should noticethe Republican debate on FoxNEWS was the highest-rated of all debates conducted so far.

Of course, the suicide-prone Dhimmi-crowd has ruled Fox off the reservation [partly due to John Edwards' fear of hair-and-makeup deficient facilities?] and resolutely ignore the fact that Fox is GAINING in viewership while the other cable outlets remain outliers. [Remember Drunk Ted Turner saying he'd "crush Fox like a bug" in '96?]

The Dems consistently ignore, as do their MSM/Hollyweird/academicide pilot fish, the numbers of pollsters like Zogby, Gallup, Pew and Rasmussen that consistently track 35% of Americans regarding themselves as "conservatives" and 20% as "liberals," whatever those two shadowy and broad categories provide as an umbrella for self-definition. Presumably the other 45% are centrists or "don't know?"

Still, it appears that MSNBC and CNBC are facing a viewership "crise de confiance" so deep that GE might be ready to jettison the entire NBC network as unprofitable. Its mainstay Jay Leno keeps talking about the company's deficiencies and 'Law & Order' cannot by itself keep ratings high. CBS & Fox clobber NBC in ratings, which are last in both network and cable categories. Despite valiant efforts reminiscent of the Air America levitation exercise engineered by the NYT [reminds me of how Perot had nine lives as a screwball candidate magically resuscitated by the MSM after flaming out about North Koreans at his daughter's wedding], NBC is wallowing in the mire of mediocrity that recycling liberal memes always generates. [Funniest line of all: "the highly-rated MSNBC show" actually was at the bottom of its time slot---the NYT meant "highly rated" compared to other MSNBC shows even lower in the bottom of their respective time-slots.]

Looks like Rush Limbaugh is approaching the 30 million-level as the number of listeners who occasionally tune into his program on a day-to-day basis. Dennis Miller's numbers on his new talk-radio show are climbing. And Sean Hannity has around 20 listeners on his radio show [and wins his cable time-slot every evening].
Liberal-meme machine Alan Colmes has about a million listeners on HIS radio show, lest people give Colmes credit for any H-C viewership.

The Democrats are predictably going to continue to promote the oxymoronic "Fairness Doctrine" to squelch the conservative ascendancy in talk radio. Cultural Commissars on the far left are already prating about conspiracies and monopolies. Dems are fact-challenged and utterly unaware of their own unpopularity among all but the most rabid of their constituencies in the US. They will subvert the national interest abroad and the Constitution at home to gain power. They still own ideological rights to NBC, CBS, and most of ABC.

But the Democratic message is rightly regarded as relativist multicultural mush by most Americans, and despite an educational establishment trying to dumb down and "socialize" rather than promulgate the "3-R's," common sense and traditional values will prevail.

In God We Trust.


Audacious Epigone said...

For awhile, the Fox News radio affiliate in the KC metro area carried Colmes' show. I'd estimate that by a ratio of about 2-to-1, the callers were conservatives who disagreed with some point Colmes was trying to make. So the 20-to-1 Hannity advantage probably, if anything, actually understates his importance to the show's success.

dave in boca said...

Yes, and I guess that a lot of call-ins from conservatives to other leftie talk-radio hosts are not taken, as the Air America airheads want that echo chamber pure and unadulterated by common sense and facts-on-the-ground realism.

The lefty talk-radio crowd doesn't want to be distracted from those voices in their/its head.