Friday, September 07, 2007

Hair-and-Makeup Edwards Lags in NC, Limping in SC

One would think that pretty-boy Breck candidate John Edwards & his po-boy pose would edge out Hillary and Obama in North Carolina, where he was Senator, and South Carolina, where he was born.

But this one-trick Silk Pony appears to be behind Hillary in the state he lives in and represented in the US Senate, with Obama breathing his neck.

And in South Carolina, where he was born, he is being crushed. Guess trying to out-left the field may have bad consequences, although his year-long residence in Iowa may pay off in the caucuses and give him a bumplet into the SC primary. But so many polls can't be far off, and SC, where all three have been campaigning hard, has poll numbers from hell for the subprime mortgage hedge fund "friend of the poor."

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