Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Constitution in Exile" Equals Turkey's "Third Army?"i

Volokh notes that ultra-liberal Jeffrey Toobin mentions the so-called "Constitution-in-Exile" movement as some sort of underground Conservative mole in the legal profession. Cass Sunstein posited this theory & Toobin laps it up like the lap puppy he is for every liberal trope.

Liberal paranoia keeps these phantom Constitution-in-Exile hordes [the Greeks insisted that a Turkish Aegean force was actually the Third Army mysteriously transported from the Soviet border to the balmy Aegean shores.] as a specter haunting the liberal imagination, just like the Turkish Third Army was a figment of the frequently perfervid Greek political imagination.

Like the Truthers & Greek hyper-nationalists, Toobin doesn't use any references to support his allegations.

Just the hysterical paranoid nonsense that pervades the left side of the blogosphere & its dead-tree annex.

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