Sunday, September 16, 2007

French Preparing Mindset for Tough Line on Iran

Bernard Kouchner is taking a tough stance towards Iran, for multiple reasons. First, Iran's Shi'ite state is abhorred by French Muslims, almost all Sunni, almost as much as Israel is abhorred. Also, both Sarkozy and Kouchner have partly Jewish ancestry, so they are not willing to submit to a regime constantly calling for Israel's disappearance.

Kouchner would not have said this, I believe, without some sort of a wink and a nod from Angela Merkel, whose Germany cannot be completely neutral to someone calling for the extermination of Jews, even if it is ONLY a Jewish state! Germany's backpages are well-known. And other EU members are now getting fed up with Islamist rads. The Netherlands is beginning to find a backbone in all that Teutonic flesh. And Brit PM Brown continues Blair's strong policies on the Middle East.

Ahmedinejad and a Thousand Clowns are descending on the UN GenAss cattle call next week. He should know that NATO & the EU are no longer buying the BS that Iran's stooge at IAEA, Mohammed Baradei seems to gulp down on a monthly basis.

And as I noted in an earlier effort, North Korea may be considering rescinding its under-the-table assistance to Iran on developing nukes. AQ Khan is still out there like OJ Simpson, peddling his mendacious corrupt poison.

Good to see the French returning to their ideals and not the pocketbook sub rosa assistance Chiraq used to give nasty regimes, although Le-notso-Grand Jacques did have a pocket of lucidity concerning Syria. Again it was venal, as Hariri was his friend and he may have gotten Napoleon d'Or from Rafiq as well, but whatever puts France on the right side is good enough.


Whit said...

Your reasoning on Bernard Kouchner's stance on Iran is somewhat cynical. There is much more to the man than his ancestry and his apparent domestic constituency concerns. He is the founder of Doctors Without Borders and a supporter of the Iraq war, after all. He is a central figure in Paul Berman's book Power and the Idealists, which I highly recommend.

dave in boca said...

Sorry for the cynicism, but I knew his excellent background and support for the war in Iraq. I actually admire him greatly as a man of principle.

Didn't know about the Berman book, which I'll look for my next trip to B&N or Borders.