Monday, September 17, 2007

Hiss Vampire Refuses to Die

Accuracy in Media was spurred into action by an obsequious Washington Post magazine article in April, 2007, called "Out of the Shadows" concerning Alger Hiss, whom the Post supported through his long journey to being exposed as a traitor and Soviet spy.

My only interest nowadays is that while at CSIS I wrote articles in The Washington Quarterly edited by Allen Weinstein who famously started to write a book intending to exonerate Hiss and ended up with the inevitable and unavoidable conclusion that Alger Hiss was a lying traitor in his book Perjury. I met Allen once and was impressed by his integrity and intellectual range.

Of course, Weinstein was hounded out of academicide for committing the sin of truth as opposed to the Party Line that Hiss was hounded out of his job by crazy right wingers. Soviet outsource enabler Victor Navasky, editor of Nation, has badgered several of Weinstein's sources into recanting their original views as stated to Weinstein, probably by threatening excommunication from MSM benificence.

Since the opening of Soviet files, the usual shell-game the Soviets and ex-Sovs play has been continued. Hiss was an agent of GRU, Soviet military intelligence, and so after an inspection of KGB files revealed nothing on Hiss, the traitor's supporters went to the presses prematurely expressing triumph and glee. No one has seriously inspected GRU files.

However, Hungarian files have revealed that Hiss tried to recruit a fellow American already working for the KGB! And after much insane too-ing and fro-ing, a Soviet spymaster told NOVA on PBS of all places, that
"The Rosenbergs, Theodore Hall and Alger Hiss did spy for the Soviets, and I saw their real names in the documents, their code names... How you judge them is up to you. To me, they're heroes."

I had a crazy aunt who lived in Greenwich Village who used to start every conversation, usually raising a glass of Scotch while doing so, with a declamation that Alger Hiss was not guilty and Richard Nixon was [expletive deleted].

About Nixon, I have some reservations, but Alger Hiss was definitely guilty.

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