Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dowd Knocks Gutfeld for Calling Ahmadinnerjacket a "Fruitbat."

With her customary dishonesty, Maureen Dowd quotes Greg Gutfeld at RedEye as "FoxNews." That's like calling failed sportscaster Keith Olberman a "journalist."

Gutfeld is rapidly becoming the funniest guy on TV as an impresario of insanity every night at 2AM. I've been peeking at it since March and an addict since sometime in late April as the show gets funnier & funnier. Only Steve Colbert is arguably funnier, and Jon Stewart got passed by as he became addicted to sniffing his own farts. That self-congratulatory trap all liberals seem to fall into.

Between regulars, Gutfeld, Schulz and Andy Levy, the show simply works as great hilarious rib-tickling guffaw-producing humor. Pretty soon the Orcs & other forces of Mordor will be recording each evening as they already do Bill O'Reilly to turn Greg & Co. over to the Thought Police

Already, Dowd seems to watch & that is a signal for the ultra-left loo-zers to start their two-minute hates, ala 1984. Once they start ridiculing & trying their pitiful anorexic smackdown moves, RedEye will certainly take another jump in the ratings and hopefully get funnier than ever.

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jim treacher said...

And be sure to check out the Daily Gut! It's like Red Eye, without the jokes.