Thursday, September 20, 2007

UPDATE on Germans Help Spread Wahhabi Islam

Bernard Lewis gave a talk a few months ago and expatiated on Muslims in the West, or as he says occasionally, Christendom:
Regarding the Muslim populations of the Western world, I spoke a few moments ago about the Wahhabi menace. This is particularly strong among the Muslim communities in Europe and America. And just think, for example, for a Muslim living in Hamburg, Birmingham, Los Angeles, or whatever it may be, it is very natural that he should want to give his children some sort of grounding in his religion and culture. So he looks around for evening classes, weekend schools, holiday camps and the like. These are now almost entirely controlled, financed, funded by the Wahhabis, so that you get, among the Muslims in the Diaspora more than among the Muslims in Muslim countries, an intense indoctrination from the most radical, the most violent, the most extreme and fanatical version of Islam.

Bad enough, but remember that there are gradations of bad, and as usual in Western Europe, among nations that count [this leaves Belgium out], the Germans suck the most:
I'll give you a specific example. In the German constitution there is strict separation of church and state, but Germany, unlike the United States, allows time in the school curriculum for religious instruction. The way they do it is this: Time is provided in the curriculum of the German schools for religious instruction. Attendance at these classes is entirely optional, and the state provides neither teachers nor textbooks. The religious communities said, if they want this, provide the teachers and the textbooks.

Fair enough, and so far the Germans have not demonstrated the pig-headed brutish stupidity for which they are renowned, but read on:
The Muslim community in Germany is largely Turkish, and when they reached sufficient numbers they went to the German authorities and asked if they could have religious instruction in Islam in the German school curriculum. The Germans said, yes, you're entitled to that, according to the law, but you will have to provide the textbooks. And the Turks said, no problem, we have excellent textbooks, which are used in Turkish schools and we can use those. And the German authorities said, no, that you cannot do. These are government-controlled textbooks. We cannot have government textbooks on religion. You have to produce them from your own community, with the result that Islam, as taught in Turkish schools, is a sort of modernized, semi-secularized version of Islam, and Islam as taught in German schools is the full Wahhabi blast. The last time I looked, 12 Turks had been arrested as members of al Qaeda. All 12 of them were born and educated in Germany, not in Turkey. Does that answer your question?

This is mindlessness on the level of Jerry Bremer and Donald Rumsfeld, the two eff-ups responsible for turning a military victory in Iraq into an embarrassing civil conflict.

I forgot to mention Cheney, but unlike Bremer & Rumsfeld, he is not of German ancestry.

UPDATE: Here is another indication of how befuddled the erstwhile Third Reich citizens are concerning whether or not they face a terrorist threat.

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