Monday, August 27, 2007

Sarkozy Reverses French Meddlesome Triangulating

Saddam Hussein's Hunt for Nukes began with his trip to France in the early Seventies when Chirac was his guide as Junior Minister for Nukes & Nuclear Power. SH kept Chiraq on his payroll and Osirak, bombed by the Israelis in '81 was the first rotten fruit of their cooperation.

In the '90s SH kept the Napoleons d'Or coming to Chiraq in diplomatic pouches from his half-brother Ambassador to the UN in Geneva. Remember that hundreds or thousands of Americans died through Chiraq's crooked perfidy.

Sarkozy knows the French are ashamed, at a deep level, of Chirac & not stupid enough to buy into Socialist absurdities. So he now can strap on a set and proceed to steer his country back into the mainstream of sanity that Merkel has also accomplished.

To permit Iran to develop the bomb is as absurd as the Hidden Imam's forthcoming arrival at Tehran International Airport. Can't happen & hopefully, sanity will prevail and Chirac's buying into mass psychosis was a mere episode in French history.

Sarkozy is also making demarches toward Syria:
Breaking with the policy of his predecessor Jacques Chirac, Sarkozy said he was prepared to hold high-level talks with Syria if it backed French efforts aimed at ending the political crisis in Lebanon. "If Damascus committed itself to this path, then the conditions for a Franco-Syrian dialogue would be in place."

But on Iraq he will keep the NYT and its pilot fish off his back[for a while]because:
he stuck to his predecessor's stance in demanding that a timeline be drawn up for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Also, on Turkey, he has a new approach:
Sarkozy said the only option for Turkey's accession talks with the European Union was a form of privileged partnership short of EU membership, and said he wanted a Mediterranean Union to take shape next year. Turkey has said that project should not be an alternative to Ankara joining the European Union.

Sarkozy proposed setting up a "committee of wise men" to consider the future of Europe, including the Turkish question.

And Sarkozy takes the US Treasury line on Chinese currency:
He criticized Beijing's management of its currency, which he says is too low and gives it an unfair advantage on export markets. He said China and other developing powers Mexico, South Africa, Brazil and India should eventually join the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations to become the G13.

GWB must be thinking, better late than never.

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