Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Russia to Resume Building Civilian Aircraft?

Not that the clueless imbeciles at the world's collection of dumbest journalists, The Guardian, would know about these things, but they are also unintentional humorists.
Mr Putin said Russia would also resume the large-scale manufacture of civilian planes. "Russia has a very important goal which is to retain leadership in the production of military equipment," he said.

The Russian civilian planes might be on the Ilyushin model, and when I was stationed at the American Embassy in Jidda, Saudi Arabia, we were always trying to organize scuba diving expeditions on the several Ilyushin planes in the Red Sea offshore Jidda. Through a baleful combination of Egyptian pilots and Russian aeronautics, at least three Ilyushins were within diving and boat-trip distance from the Saudi city.

I'm sure the Dhimmi-crats and other cowards are quaking at the prospects of Russian civil and military aircraft, but their record since mid-20th century has not been truly world class in either department.

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