Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cats are Becoming humaner

Between rants on the perfidy of the left, I am soothed by the presence of our three cats [and irritated by the barking of our muttoid, a pure-bred barking machine called a Bichon Frise.] Our immense Maine Coon follows me like a dog & constantly sits beside me purring and begging to be petted. Come nightfall, however, Dumpling, our 20-furball of love, has to go outside and do a Hulk transformation into a predator.

But the Florida night is full of Cane Toads, whose poisonous oozings killed the Siamese of the previous owner of our house. And the mosquitoes carry feline heartworm & other diseases. Finally, other cats, including Dumplings 30-pound daddy, are padding about the neighborhood. The cats talk to them in their peculiar rutting voice, unlike the melodious meows they constantly talk to humans with. Her is the Daily Mail on feline evolution:

"The lifestyle of cats is changing. They are tending to eat too much, gain weight and take less exercise.

"Unfortunately, just like people, cats will over-eat if they are offered too much tasty food, particularly if they are bored and have little else to do.

"While cats would naturally exercise outside, many cats are now housebound - perhaps because they live in a flat or because their owners feel that it is too dangerous to let them out - so they have little to do all day but eat, sleep and gain weight."

In addition, stressed-out Britons are increasingly relying on cats for companionship.

Professor Gunn-Moore said: "Cats are now the number one pet, they are more popular than dogs. People get in late and they don't want to walk the dog.

"They want the cat there as a companion and if it's outside chasing mice, it's not going to be there as a companion."

So our huge Dumpling stays indoors at night, though he often manages to open unlocked doors by his brains & bulk----both of which are considerable.


jim treacher said...

Hi. I can't find an e-mail for you, but I just wanted to point out that Eric Foner is not related to Franklin Foer. Well, have a good one.

dave in boca said...

Correction noted. Gotta put my glasses on and keep my research tighter.

Anonymous said...

Wow...2 comments! That's gotta be a record!

dave in boca said...

I love those brave "anonymous" bloggers. I did get 2,222 viewers on a recent Redstate offering, but I guess that doesn't count for a presumably nutroot moonbat too scared to identify itself.