Thursday, August 02, 2007

"Hillary with Estrogen" Edwards Atwitter About Fox

Mr. Elizabeth Edwards has appeared on Fox News shows over thirty times, but now wags his finger at Democrats who have accepted contributions from Rupert Murdoch.

The Far-Left likes to declare those consorting with the middle as heretics, and this rapidly-declining feminazi-male now tries to out mau-mau the Kossacks in his Inquisition.

Lotsa luck, and your split-ends are looking shaggy. Better get a haircut.

UPDATE:Hair-and-Makeup John-boy is now calling for reversal of the First Amendment.

James Taranto gives the impudent lad the verbal spanking his ill-considered remarks deserve.

On the Silken Locks Laddie, Hillary is observing Napoleon's admonition never to interfere when an enemy is in the process of destroying himself. She should do the same for Obama.

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