Tuesday, August 14, 2007

GWB Ups the Ante in Showdown Poker with Pasdaran

Iran's Revolutionary Guards were the spawning grounds of many Iranian terrorists, including the diminuitive President Ahmedinejad, whom several US hostages have identified as one of the original American Embassy takeover terrorists.

The Revolutionary Guards/Pasdaran is a heavily-armed paramilitary organization along the lines of the Saudi National Guard or the Italian Carbonari---only semi-accountable to the elected leaders of Iran. Like other such para-governmental organizations in Iran, it has extensive businesses that operate in-country and overseas. And its Quds unit is instrumental in
the growing flow of explosives, roadside bombs, rockets and other arms to Shiite militias in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Quds Force also lends support to Shiite allies such as Lebanon's Hezbollah and to Sunni movements such as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Pasdaran is also instrumental in developing Iran's nuclear program---which the feckless UN ninnies such as the IAEA's Baradei and American enabler organization outliers keep insisting can be slowed or halted by diplomacy, despite a half-decade of Iranian slithering.

China and Russia are likely to block any UN resolution, but with 323 House co-sponsors and a bi-partisan Senate backing, GWB has a very strong motive for going unilateral, despite the squawking which will predictably emit from the fever swamps of the Far-Left such as Puffington Host and the Kossack horde. Not to mention anti-Semitic haters of Israel in Europe and the Carter Center.

We haven't heard an eruption from the mouth of the sage of Plains for a month or two, so it's time for another gaseous emission, as vulcanologists say.

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