Saturday, August 11, 2007

Russians Accuse Georgia of "Bioterrorism"

Georgia was the former home of Soviet dictator Youseff Vissarionovich Djugashvili, and this gentleman's henchman Lavrenti Beria also hailed from that Caucasus redoubt.

So the Russians look particularly askance when their former republic accuses them of launching a missile in their direction, and then is accused itself of "bioterrorism" because dead pigs infected with African swine flu were thrown in a river which would reach Russian-controlled territory.

Isn't it a bit ironic that the Polonium 210 Londoners were exposed to by Russia's tiny czar Vlad the Empoisoner has not been considered a "bioterrorism attack" whereas pigs floating down a river are so considered by the controlled state media?

Just asking.

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