Thursday, August 02, 2007

Obama Rules Out Nukes

The strange odyssey of B.Hussein Obama to second place behind Chillary may be a short-lived trip---he continues to make strange unprovoked statements of policy that betray a simple, gullible ["frankly naive" in the Chill-response] understanding of foreign policy.

Perhaps the most bizarre statement of all was when he opined that he was the best qualified candidate because of an Indonesian sojourn in early youth and a Kenyan genetic streak. Is this fellow hitting a sort of tailspin moment that may precede a full-fledged flaming descent? He'd better get a minder other than Jimmy Carter, cuz that's the foolishness level that his pronunciamentos are beginning to approach.

The Soviets invaded Afghanistan when they saw what a feckless oaf Carter was on foreign policy. Iran only cemented Jimmy's loser-reputation. And now his Arab/Israeli observations reveal what may be an anti-Semitic streak.

I am reading Olaf Caroe's formidable masterpiece "The Pathans 550BC-1957AD" on his chapter on Waziristan [pp.390-415]. My wife and I visited the NW Frontier Province as the guest of one of its chief ministers in the 1980s and all he could say about the tribal territories was "Don't ever try to visit there." We went close to the Khyber on the main road from Peshawar, but prudently returned without touristic side-trips.

Is Obama going to follow that give-away-the-store school of Dhimmi-tude toward the Islamist radicals? Or will his proposed invasion of Waziristan, a nook of mountainous terrain neither British nor Pakistani military have been able to subdue over the last 150 years, be resolutely non-nuclear?

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ali said...

Hussein Baraki Obama will add to the Clinton ticket. Without him Hillary cannot win.

Will he be able to damage the country as VP more than Al Gore?