Thursday, August 23, 2007

UPDATE: Illegal Alien Crime: the Biggest MSM Cover-Up of All

Heather MacDonald has a piece in the City Journal on alien perps. The media keeps saying [creepy liar Geraldo Rivera AKA Jerry Rivers bleats this daily on FoxNews of all places] that the illegals commit less crime than average. Duh... They commit no white collar crime to speak of and the crimes they do commit are usually very violent, given their nasty temperament---[Mexicans, anyway, who refuse to shake hands after being defeated in national sporting events with other countries, which is virtually ALL THE TIME for these inbred low-life LOOOZERS]. Guatemalans and other Central Americans, including Cubans here in FL, are generally not associated with crime gangs like MS-13---so it is Mexicans and El Salvadoreans who are the nastiest of the nasty. Jamaicans are also a nasty violent sub-group---I found five of them in our living room last year at mid-day. They were a gang doing our entire neighborhood, The Colonnade here in Boca. The Boca cops refused to do much, as they're generally scared of Jamaicans, but a couple of detectives who are very brave tracked them down in Liberty City in Miami-Dade.

One of my gentle readers requested some information on crime among illegal aliens. Of course, the Feds and DOJ have stopped collecting such info [GWB & his WSJ pals using brain-dead AG Alberto Gonzales to cover up crime] and here's a note from my native state of Wisconsin:
In fact, the MSM seems to go out of its way to hide criminal activity committed by illegal aliens. Here in Wisconsin, it's no secret that the vast majority of Hispanic/Latino residents are residing here illegally. In my area, their population has doubled in the past five years, because the mantra here is "Celebrate Diversity!"

When a crime is reported in the local newspaper, committed by someone with an obviously Hispanic/Latino name, no mention is made of the culprit's immigration status. When I phoned the local police station, to ask about statistics relating to crimes committed by illegal aliens, I was told that they don't keep such statistics. When I asked why not, I was told that they were not asked to do that, when filing crime reports at the state level.

I went to the next level and contacted the state law enforcement authorities in Madison, in order to pursue my inquiry there. It turned out that they didn't gather information on crimes committed by illegal aliens, either, because it wasn't requested by federal authorities.

In fact, they no longer collected data on crimes committed by Hispanics/Latinos, because that had been determined to be an ethnic group, not a racial group. Hispanics/Latinos were now counted as whites. The other racial group classifications are black, Asian, and native American Indian. (I couldn't help thinking that people way up the law enforcement organizational chart must have decided they want that kind of information buried.)

Fortunately, a number of congressmen requested that the General Accountability Office (GAO) investigate and report information on criminal aliens incarcerated in federal and state prisons and local jails. The resulting GAO report, published in April 2005, revealed that illegal aliens make up 27% of the prison population. (The oft-cited figure of 12 million illegal aliens in the country means that they make up just 4% of the general population.)

Since illegal aliens are unlikely to be committing white-collar crimes, that figure likely underestimates the amount of violent crime committed by illegal aliens. Using the GAO report, Representative Steve King of Iowa points out that 25 Americans, on average, are killed by illegal aliens every day (about evenly split between motor vehicle accidents and outright murder).

Do the math: That works out to more than 9,000 deaths per year, or more than 36,000 deaths over the past four years. That's more than ten times the number of Americans killed in Iraq over the past four years!

Oddly, I've seen people in my hometown protesting against the war in Iraq, but I've never seen anyone protesting against the illegal alien invasion that is killing tens of thousands of Americans right here on our own soil.

Here in Florida, an especially heinous crime was committed in Delray Beach by an obviously foreign dude, raping and attempted-murder on a local girl, and all the local media dodged any questions about his status, until a local TV reporter noted parenthetically that the perp had "recently arrived from the Bahamas" and had been hiding among the local black community. I'm sure this criminal didn't go through customs, probably was dropped off by a fishing boat, and yet the MSM didn't mention it in dozens of stories both local and national---it was especially brutal.

This crime spree, especially from our narco-state kleptocrat neighbor Mexico, has got to be recognized and stopped. And sanctuary cities have got to be punished for being scofflaws. And get a new AG, GWB!
UPDATE The Collection of Criminals Known as the Mexican Senate rebuked the US for tossing back the trash that had ended up somehow in Chicago. There should be a RICO-statute for failed-state legislative bodies that derive the largest part of their income from bribes and kickbacks----but then we'd have to look closely at the collection of creeps led by Harry '"My kids are lobbyists living in my basement" Reid, or Mitch McConnell, who vies desperately to keep up the Republicans' rate of peculation at least even with the Dems. Ditto Hastert and Pelosi, and good riddance to Hastert, the crookedest Speaker of the House in the history of Congress until Nancy came along!

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