Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brooklyn Bay Ridge Twister Brings back Memories

Brooklyn had its first recorded tornado this AM in Bay Ridge, the home of my wife's godparents and where I ran a campaign operation in 1968 along with John Podesta, younger brother of my campaign buddy Tony Podesta, trying to get Gene McCarthy over Hubert Humphrey in the NY state primary that June[?]. When John & I met again in the nineties, he recalled our storefront operation as one of his happiest political memories. He was about to be named Bill Clinton's WH COStaff.

Bay Ridge was well-known in political lore for being the only State District to vote for Goldwater in '64 and also for having the largest population of Norwegians outside Oslo.

I hope my wife's godparents survived unharmed and unscathed. No casualties reported that I have come across.

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