Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Take on Slate's Take on Craig's Lust

Slate has an intermittently thoughtful and hilarious editors' squabble-session on the ethics of "catching" someone in an airport loo trying to pick someone else up. My take on gay liaisons is the old Natural Law argument that anything dogs don't do is unnatural. [But perhaps, like a black swan, somewhere goes a gay dog?] Best line:
Plotz, my cubicle-mate, asked why Craig would want to have sex in an airport. Then, channeling Saletan, he said, "Oh, it was a layover."

Personally, I think Sen. Craig looks too much like Donald Rumsfeld to be let off the hook. And there's a lot of smoke in the Idaho Statesman's investigation of Craig's back pages. Plus Craig showed no mercy on the Packwood proceedings a decade ago.

Here is the observation of one astute commenter to Ann Althouse:
Let's see - Ted Kennedy committed intoxication homicide against his female employee but is considered a model supported of womens rights. Gerry Studds actually committed statutory rape yet was considered a model of support for gay people. William Jefferson had 90 grand of bribe money in his freezer and yet is considered a model of support for his impoverished constituents. Oh, wait - President Clinton was credibly accused of sexual assault, but he's considered a champion of womens rights as well.

Larry Craig is the hypocrite, though. Go figure.

They used to tell a joke about Gerry Studds - the reason he didn't used bookmarks was that he bent over the pages. But Larry Craig is the nasty pervert who should lose his job. Blaahhhh!

Point of fact: My straight brother-in-law has features that might be judged a bit effeminate. He was one of Gerry Studds' Legislative Assistants and more than once, while they were doing "research" for Gerry's Maritime Affairs Committee, Gerry would softly knock on my b-in-law's door in the middle of the night. Don would shoo him away like the silly pest he was. I once met Studd's AA who went on to become SecState Madeleine Albright's speech-writer.

Just a class act all around, like his fellow Bay Stater Fat Teddy and that other Senator with the hair-and-makeup issues who got three Purple Hearts from one scratch.

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