Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mark Steyn: Where Our Sanctuary From Criminals?

Leftist hypocrisy is excoriated by Mark Steyn in this excellent screed on the two Left Coasts' relentless indifference to REAL CRIMES if they are committed by exempt, protected categories of the MSM pantheon of legitimate crimes. Steyn starts by noting the killing of a gay kid in Wyoming's getting Frank Rich and other illuminati incensed.
By contrast, there's been a succession of prominent stories with one common feature that the very same pundits, politicians and lobby groups have a curious reluctance to go anywhere near. In a New York Times report headlined "Sorrow And Anger As Newark Buries Slain Youth," the limpidly tasteful Times prose prioritized "sorrow" over "anger," and offered only the following reference to the perpetrators: "The authorities have said robbery appeared to be the motive. Three suspects – two 15-year-olds and a 28-year-old construction worker from Peru – have been arrested."

So, this Peruvian guy was here on a green card? Or did he apply for a temporary construction-work visa from the U.S. Embassy in Lima?

Not exactly. Jose Carranza is an "undocumented" immigrant. His criminal career did not begin with the triple murder he's alleged to have committed, nor with the barroom assault from earlier this year, nor with the 31 counts of aggravated sexual assault relating to the rape of a 5-year-old child, for which Mr. Carranza had been released on bail. (His $50,000 bail on the assault charge and $150,000 bail on the child-rape charges have now been revoked.) No, Mr. Carranza's criminal career in the United States began when he decided to live in this country unlawfully.

Jose Carranza isn't exactly a member of an exclusive club. Violent crime committed by fine upstanding members of the Undocumented-American community is now a routine feature of American life. But who cares? In 2002, as the "Washington Sniper" piled up his body count, "experts" lined up to tell the media that he was most likely an "angry white male," a "macho hunter" or an "icy loner." When the icy loner turned out to be a black Muslim named Muhammad accompanied by an illegal immigrant from Jamaica, the only angry white males around were the lads in America's newsrooms who were noticeably reluctant to abandon their thesis: Early editions of the New York Times speculated that Muhammad and John Lee Malvo were being sought for "possible ties to 'skinhead militia' groups," which seemed a somewhat improbable alliance given the size of Mr. Muhammad's hair in the only available mug shot. As for his illegal sidekick, Malvo was detained and released by the INS in breach of their own procedures.

The Orange County Register should soon overtake the lagging LAT in circulation, seeing as the OCR actually addresses the main threat to Southern California---Mexican criminals aided and abetted by MSM journalists playing ostrich. More Steyn on how Newark is an eastern outlier of the crime-zone called LA County:
Newark is the logical end point of these policies. It is a failed city: 60 percent of its children are being raised in households without fathers. Into that vacuum pour all kinds of alternative authority structures: Mr. Carranza is alleged to have committed his crime with various teenage members of MS-13, a gang with origins in El Salvador's civil war of the 1980s that now operates in some 30 U.S. states. In its toughest redoubts, immigrants don't assimilate with America, America assimilates to the immigrants, and a Fairfax, Va., teenager finds himself getting hacked at by machete wielders.

One could, I suppose, regard this as one of those unforeseen incremental consequences that happens in the darkest shadows of society. But that doesn't extend to Newark's official status as an illegal-immigrant "sanctuary city." Like Los Angeles, New York and untold others, Newark has formally erased the distinction between U.S. citizens and the armies of the undocumented. This is the active collusion by multiple cities and states in the subversion of U.S. sovereignty. In Newark, N.J., it means an illegal-immigrant child rapist is free to murder on a Saturday night. In Somerville, Mass., it means two deaf girls are raped by MS-13 members. And in Falls Church, Va., it means Saudi Wahhabists figuring out that, if the "sanctuary nation" (in Michelle Malkin's phrases) offers such rich pickings to imported killers and imported gangs, why not to jihadists?

If the Repubs can get away from the Bush-WSJ immigration debacle and address these issues, perhaps they can brave the charges of "racism" and "nativism" and clean up the cities of America by tossing out the human sewage like Carranza & the gangs of MS-13.

That would require testicles far larger than any on the scurvy crew running for POTUS.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's important to make sure undocumented immigrants get documented. Especially if said undocumented immigrants commit crimes. The reason this is so important is because everyone knows American citizens never commit heinous crimes.

Oh, wait.

dave in boca said...

Another brave brain-dead anonymous doodoo dump. Undocumented immigrants from Mexico constitute a virtual crime-wave compared to the average American. I know this logic doesn't fit into the funhouse-mirror of lefty nonsense. Why don't we simply deport all the Mexican criminals in California to Mexico, like Castro did with that boat-exodus?

Turnabout is fair play, and Mexico is a narco-state kleptocracy as it is---a few more moral lepers in that human toxic waste dump won't matter. And toss out lil Markos Moulitsa Zitbag along with his MS-13 Salvadorean buddies? Another good idea.

Luke said...

I'm with you, Dave, but am wondering whether you have any numbers about the spicks being bigger criminals than the average American? Sure would like to show that to my a**hole brother-in-law in California...