Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God As a SimCity Webmaster?

John Tierney has an intriguing What If? in today's NYT Science section. Tierney says:
I think it’s highly likely that civilization could endure to produce those supercomputers. And if owners of the computers were anything like the millions of people immersed in virtual worlds like Second Life, SimCity and World of Warcraft, they’d be running simulations just to get a chance to control history — or maybe give themselves virtual roles as Cleopatra or Napoleon.

It’s unsettling to think of the world being run by a futuristic computer geek, although we might at last dispose of that of classic theological question: How could God allow so much evil in the world? For the same reason there are plagues and earthquakes and battles in games like World of Warcraft. Peace is boring, Dude.

I took a Metaphysics Course and a Logic Course in college and the problem of evil always loomed as the ultimate conundrum. "Peace is boring, dude" is as good an explanation as I have ever heard for why things blow up in our faces.

And that explanation that the Big Bang was an explosion in someone's garage in an Alternative Parallel Universe still intrigues me. Wish Richard Feynman was alive so he could explain it all to us!

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