Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fox TV Network Now Begins to Dominate; WSJ Another Murdoch entity Now on Top; And Beck, Lavin Should both get a Shot at Prime Time!!& ???

Fox TV is getting a hot World Series and NFL football lineup that might allow it to pass up CBS on total viewers. The Wall Street Journal just climbed over USA Today to become the biggest US newspaper in circulation. And Keith Olbermann's obnoxious rants are finally dragging [P]MSNBC's cable news operation down to CNN's subbasement level just where it belongs. CNN is merely corrupt and one-sided. Olbermann's rantfests are mean-spirited demonstrations of an active mental illness beginning to surpass itself in vicious dishonesty.

Which got Keith-O an invitation to a closed session with the retarded moron the country has to constitutionally accept, barring impeachement, as the C-in-Chief of the [formerly] Greatest Nation in the world---Dear Leader Brobambi. Baghdad Bob Gibbs shows that Scott McClellan can be exceeded in vapid moronic stupidity in the WH Spokesman job.

Finally, as I noted recently, FoxNEWS has got to do something with Glenn Beck because his 3,111,000 viewers at 5PM exceed the combined viewership of K-O & his "sport-of-nature" sidekick Maddow cume in all four hours. And Mark Lavin, who has sold a million copies of "Liberty & Tyranny," should be given a shot on FoxNEWS at some point to see if his linebacker body in a tiny voice might work on cable talk shows.

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