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Obama "Wobbly" is a Good Moniker for this Coward

Obama took six months to reverse his committment to the Czech Republic & Poland on missile sites, and fewer than that to reverse his statement that there would be no investigation of CIA interrogation techniques. Now Gen. McChrystal is finding that this scaredy-boy joke of a POTUS elected by stupid women and gay men took only three months to reverse on Afghanistan:
Though a decorated Army four-star officer, the General's introduction to Beltway warfare is proving to be brutal. To be fair, Gen. McChrystal couldn't know that his Commander in Chief would go wobbly so soon on his commitment to him as well as to his own Afghan strategy when he was tapped for the job in AprilWe're told by people who know him that Gen. McChrystal "feels terrible" and "had no intention whatsoever of trying to lobby and influence" the Administration. His sense of bewilderment makes perfect sense anywhere but in the political battlefield of Washington. He was, after all, following orders.

But the Boy-Child in the Promised Land got the jitters and lost what little nerve he ever had:
Recall that in March Mr. Obama unveiled his "comprehensive new strategy . . . to reverse the Taliban's gains and promote a more capable and accountable Afghan government." The Commander in Chief pledged to properly resource this "war of necessity," which he also called during the 2008 campaign "the central front on terror." The President then sacked his war commander, who had been chosen by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in favor of Gen. McChrystal, an expert in counterinsurgency.

Upon arriving in June, Gen. McChrystal launched his assessment of the forces required to execute the Obama strategy. His confidential study was completed in August and sent to the Pentagon. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullen told Congress that more troops would be needed, and a figure of 30,000-40,000 was bandied about.

The figure has clearly spooked the Administration. Soon after, Gen. McChrystal's confidential report was leaked to the Washington Post by, well, you'll have to ask Bob Woodward. The report said that the U.S. urgently needs to reverse a "deteriorating" security situation. Soon the full retreat began in Washington, led by a vocal group within the Administration that wants to scale back the mission. The White House told the Pentagon to hold off asking for troops and Gen. McChrystal not to testify to Congress. Remarkably, President Obama mused on the Sunday talks shows, "Are we doing the right thing?"

This gutless Boy-Child is now sending the MSM lackeys and suck-ups after McChrystal, while America's allies scratch their heads and Putin and other enemies of our country snicker into their cuffs at the arrant cowardice of the US C-in-"C. When it comes to a choice between national security and the political career of this Boy-Child, there's a littler hesitation, but not for long. Of course, it's Pakistan that is the keystone to stopping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, and Neville Obama doesn't seem to care any more if he loses Robo-Botox as Queen of the House:
The sudden Afghan rethink also jeopardizes progress in Pakistan, the world's leading sanctuary for al Qaeda. The Pakistani willingness to expand American drone strikes and launch a military campaign in their tribal regions dates squarely to the Administration's recommitment to the region. Now that Mr. Obama is having second thoughts, so might the Pakistanis.

The President's very public waver is already doing strategic harm. The Taliban are getting a morale boost and claiming victory, while our allies in Europe have one more reason to rethink their own deployments. Such a victory, as the head of the British army Sir David Richards warned on Sunday, would have an "intoxicating effect" on extremist Islam around the world.

Commanders in Chief can change their minds. George W. Bush waited too long to embrace the "surge." He had private doubts when the casualties also surged in 2007, but he gave the new approach a chance to succeed. Mr. Obama is blinking even before all the additional troops he ordered to Afghanistan have had time to deploy to the theater.

Pre-emptive blinking is the case with this gutless Narcissistic prettyboy. And then there's empty-headed Biden:
Gen. McChrystal's liberal critics also have very short memories. In 2003, Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki clashed with his superiors by saying many more troops were needed to pacify Iraq. He became a Democratic hero and is now Mr. Obama's Veterans Secretary. In this case, Gen. McChrystal has become a political target merely for taking at face value Mr. Obama's order to fight the war properly. His superiors, the Central Commander David Petraeus and Adm. Fallon, back him, but can hardly be said to question civil control of the military.

In an interview with Newsweek, Gen. McChrystal said he wouldn't resign if the President rejects his request for more troops. If he were really trying to dictate policy, he'd have given a different answer. But we don't think Gen. McChrystal should stay to implement a Biden war plan either. No commander in uniform should ask his soldiers to die for a strategy he doesn't think is winnable—or for a President who lets his advisers and party blame a general for their own lack of political nerve.

You can't say that Wobbly Chamberlain Obama is throwing McChrystal to the dogs when the dog in question is Biden, a complete moron who remembered reading about FDR announcing on TV that "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself." and congratulated Lebanon for ousting Hezbollah as Hezbollah tries to take over Lebanon's democratic system by a "coup de pouce."
Why should Pakistan allow drones to be launched if a cowardly POTUS isn't getting on-the-ground feedback for the intell needed to launch them and Bhutto's half-wit husband will predictably fold before the pressures of Pak political infighting and restrain American forces already there while seeking a "middle way." Biden is too stupid to figure that out and as for Wobbly Obama, recall that Jimmy Carter had seven Secretaries of the Treasury in 3 & a half years. lt takes between three and six months for the Boy-Child to reverse field on any given issue.

Seems like Barack The Wobbly is stuck on stupid.

The WSJ delineates the cowardice of Obama choosing a political CYA route versus following the advice of how the surge worked. A Better War seems to have avoided the coward's reading desk and a book on Vietnam in 1965 [and his own CYA cowardice] have influenced Neville Jr. greatly.

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