Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Happy Days May be Just a Year Away!

The NYT has an article that even the retarded ruminants in Iowa are having second "thoughts" [sort of] about Our Dear Leader.
In few places did people get a longer and closer look at Mr. Obama than in Iowa, a swing state home to deep strains of both conservatism and liberalism. Mr. Obama was a constant presence here during the formative months of his candidacy. Many voters have pictures of him on their mantels, looking him in the eye as they took a measure of the man and the politician before giving him a crucial victory in the caucuses. A social studies teacher who saw Mr. Obama on his maiden visit here wonders whether momentum from the election is gone forever. A retired electrical engineer who became a Democrat to support Mr. Obama believes that the president too often blames others for his troubles. And a teacher who voted for Mr. Obama because she was fed up with President George W. Bush does not trust this administration any more than the previous one.

ABC-TV may have encapsulated the feelings of more sophisticated Americans with its new much-hyped scifi series called "V." White House aides say that Dear Leader wasn't watching election returns tonite and that might be because he was glimpsing what a lot of people think happened to the USA when they bought into his vapid vaporous twaddle:
a message of hope and reconciliation based on compromise and promises to marshal technology for a better future that will include universal health care.

The news media swoons in admiration -- one simpering anchorman even shouts at a reporter who asks a tough question: "Why don't you show some respect?!" The public is likewise smitten, except for a few nut cases who circulate batty rumors on the Internet about the leader's origins and intentions. The leader, undismayed, offers assurances that are soothing, if also just a tiny bit condescending: "Embracing change is never easy."

So, does that sound like anyone you know? Oh, wait -- did I mention the leader is secretly a totalitarian space lizard who's come here to eat us?

Yes, that was a custom among Obama's recent ancestors on his Drunken Bigamist Daddy's side of the family until just recently, perhaps, although they were just ordinary primates who didn't fly in from outer space.

The Chicago Tribune [remember when a "tribune" in Roman Republic days actually spoke on behalf of the people? Not the dictatorship of the patrician elites condescending to those mere plebeians?] goes on with its review as it ridicules the majority of its readership who voted in this Chicago Style Deep-Dish Cannibal-fest with a dissident Catholic priest:
A handful of dissidents hold out against the rapturous reception given the V's. Some are simply uneasy, such as the youthful priest Father Jack (Joel Gretsch, "The 4400"), who sharply criticizes the Vatican's embrace of the V's as divine creations: "Rattlesnakes are God's creatures too."

I am thinking that the Tea Party people are those brave souls who didn't buy into the mass hysteria. And the atheist press will surely hate it that a priest is among the leaders of the resistance.

Don't the Tea Party and Christian proles know what's good for them? Worcester Sauce and other condiments, perhaps, as the "V" types search for a special "mineral water."

Evian, or perhaps Pelligrini, to make the internal organs wash down those ACORN-lizard throats!

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