Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sugar Daddy-in-Chief Obama Uses Rush Limbaugh as Distraction, Jukes & Jives on ObamaCare

Karl Rove reminds us of the basic rule of politics:
Your arguments have to be clear and credible if voters are to believe them.

and Karl goes on to note that:
His attempt to sell health care is neither. He still may win passage of a bill, but he's lost the public's enthusiastic backing.

The Drive-by Media will continue to pump helium into this vacuous talking machine, but the air keeps leaking out of his tires because his now you see it, now you don't jukes and jives and jinking [sorry to mix music & athletic metaphors!] don't impress intelligent voters. Especially the Independents who are deserting this clown in droves. Karl points out the legislative and budgetary prestidigitation Baucus & Schumer & other raiders on the US Treasury are employing to generate numbers that don't raid the deficit.
One trick is easily explained. The bill imposes tax hikes and benefit cuts right away, including $121 billion of Medicare reductions between 2011 and 2015. But new spending really doesn't start until five years out (2015) and isn't fully operational until 2017. The bill uses 10 years worth of tax hikes and benefit cuts to fund a few years worth of benefits.

...that's just the start. For example, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report last week claiming the bill won't add to the deficit. But this assumes that employers who dump employee coverage under the Baucus bill will then increase worker paychecks by an amount equal to what they had spent on health care. This replaces a nontaxable event (providing health insurance) with a taxable one (increasing worker paychecks), magically producing $83 billion in revenues. Without this windfall, the Baucus bill adds billions of dollars to the federal deficit in the first decade.....Of course, why would a company drop employee coverage just so it could pay more (in fines, taxes and wages) than it did before?

The CBO report also estimates that receipts from the 40% excise tax the Baucus bill would levy on "Cadillac" insurance policies "would grow by roughly 10 percent to 15 percent" a year after 2019.....That's nonsense. If you tax something heavily you'll get less of it. If this tax is enacted, there will be fewer Cadillac plans—and hence less revenue.

Under questioning at a Senate hearing Tuesday, CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf admitted that the $500 billion in tax hikes in the Baucus bill would be passed onto consumers, jacking up insurance premiums. That undercuts the argument that Democratic reforms will make health care more affordable.

The governors have reason to pause:
Some governors are also figuring out that the proposal in the Baucus bill to expand Medicaid will shift a big chunk of the federal health-care tab to states. States, after all, pick up an average of 47% of Medicaid's costs—and expanding it will force states to spend more.

As do the elderly & medical doctors specializing in geriatric medicine:
Then there are $400 billion in benefit cuts that are frightening seniors. Jeffrey A. Anderson of the Pacific Research Institute has pointed out that the Baucus bill cuts Medicare payments to physicians by 25% within two years and keeps payments at that level forever, without adjusting for inflation. If this becomes law, doctors who take Medicare patients will see their real income decline each year.

Rove sums up the political cost to the Democrats who are being railroaded by fast and loose botox-brains [House] and crooked lobbyists [Senate] into a suicidal final bill:
Democrats who support any final bill are at risk. They'll be held responsible for the mess that quickly emerges as premiums rise, taxes balloon, deficits soar, mandates expand, and government power grows.

Mr. Obama's problem is that his Magic Kingdom Health Care World is colliding with reality. There is a big cost to any large government expansion—and the ways to cover the cost of Mr. Obama's plan are limited, unpopular, and sure to anger Americans once they are fully understood.

The sophomoric Sugar Daddy in Chief meanwhile sics his media go-fers in the cable & net DNC MSM to attack Rush Limbaugh whose audience now is greater than all the net & cable watchers combined, at least the commentary versions---creepy toads like Matthews and the drunk DUI hit-and-run CNN freak Sanchez have to bait and taunt Rush-bo with lies about fake quotes, etc.... just to generate attention---AWAY FROM OBAMACARE's RIDUNKULOUS FABRICATIONS on health care.

Like Clinton, Brobambi is an eternal campaigner. Like Carter, he is a total eff-up.

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