Thursday, October 29, 2009

WSJ Passes USAToday as Top Circulation US Newspaper

Editor & Publisher buried the lede down to the fourth para, second sentence in the article linked above. Here's the bad news for the Old Grey Lady Tabloid Streetwalker & the rest of the Lefty Fishwrap Birdcage bottom dead-tree @ss-wipe material:
Circulation at many of the country's largest newspapers continued a steep slide as the Audit Bureau of Circulations Monday morning released the latest figures for the six months ending September 2009 -- proving yet again that the industry can't shake the dramatic declines that have taken hold over the past several years.

On a comparable basis, ABC reported that for the 379 newspapers filing with the organization, average daily circulation plunged 10.6% to 30,395,652 -- one of the most severe drops in overall circulation. Sunday circulation for 562 reporting newspapers was down 7.4% to 40,012,253.

Check out E&P's list of the top 25 daily papers in the nation by circ, here. Go here for a list of the top 25 papers on Sunday. And For a list of the top 10 gainers this time around, go here.

USA Today had earlier announced a 17% hit. The Wall Street Journal overtook USA Today as the No. 1 daily in the country, according to ABC. Circulation at the Journal was up slightly, 0.6% to 2,024,269.

Here are the top ten gainers:
YORK (PA.) DAILY RECORD -- 55,370 -- 16.45%
WOMEN'S WEAR DAILY -- 53,142 -- 14.31%
THE OAKLAND (MICH.) PRESS -- 68,067 -- 7.26%
LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL -- 175,841 -- 6.56%

NEW HAVEN (CONN.) REGISTER -- 70,559 -- 0.79%
MOBILE (ALA.) PRESS-REGISTER -- 92,849 -- 0.75%
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL -- 2,024,269 -- 0.61%
THE FORUM, FARGO, N.D. -- 50,131 -- 0.39%

Only a dishonest libtard blog like E&P would not note that the amount the WSJ gained was probably more than all the rest of the tiny publications listed combined, if counted in numerical rather than a percentage basis.
Here are the top 25 LOSERS:
USA Today had earlier announced a 17% hit. The Wall Street Journal overtook USA Today as the No. 1 daily in the country, according to ABC. Circulation at the Journal was up slightly, 0.6% to 2,024,269.

Compared to the same six-month period ending September 2008, daily (Monday-Friday) circulation at The New York Times is down 7.2% to 927,851. Sunday fell 2.6% to 1,400,302.

The Los Angeles Times reported its daily circ is off 11% to 657,467 and 6.7% on Sunday to 983,702.

Daily circ at The Washington Post fell 6.4% to 582,844 while Sunday was down 5% to 822,208.

Daily circ at the Chicago Tribune decreased 9.7% to 465,892. Sunday was down 7.1% to 803,220.

The San Francisco Chronicle lost more than a quarter of its daily circ, down 25.8% to 251,782. Sunday was off more than 22% to 306,705.

Daily at The Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J., dropped 22.2% to 246,006 and 18.5% on Sunday to 371,060.

The Boston Globe's daily circ decreased 18.4% to 264,105. Sunday lost 16.9% to 418,529.

Daily circulation at the Chicago Sun-Times dropped 12% to 275,641. Sunday circ at that paper fell 1.8% to 251,260. In a statement released this morning, the Sun-Times noted a price increase to 75 cents from 50 cents. Single-copy sales are down while daily home-delivered papers grew 5.5%.

The Miami Herald reported a daily circ decline of 23% to 162,260. Sunday fell 14.6% to 238,613.

Daily circ at The Plain Dealer in Cleveland was down 11.2% to 271,180, while Sunday was down 4.9% to 390,636.

Daily circulation at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis fell 5.5% to 304,543. Sunday was off 8.3% to 477,562.

In Houston, the Chronicle's daily circ declined 14.2% to 384,419 while Sunday fell 6.3% to 547,387.

Daily circ at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix fell 12.3% to 316,874. Sunday was almost flat (-0.8%) to 458,992.

The Baltimore Sun's daily circ dropped 14.7% to 186,639. Sunday declined 8% to 322,491.

The Orange County Register lost 10.1% of its daily circulation to 212,293. Sunday fell 3.4% to 288,174.

McClatchy and the NYT Co. claimed their revenues both gained at a rate of 6.7%, but anyone who believes anything coming out of Pinch Sulzberger's collapsing disinformation apparatus must have a bucket of hair perched on the top of their necks.

A mental defective "editor" of E&P named Greg Mitchell has a hilarious E&P article

concerning leaks about the Plame movie sponsored by serial movie loozer Sean Penn, another libtard high-school dropout who is making movies that lose more money than ever, but who keeps getting Oscar nominations from an industry that like its dead-tree counterpart in the news business, won't be around much longer.

The flick will be another platform for disseminating the libtard lies and urban legends the DNC RICO churns out to bamboozle the half-wits that call themselves the "reality-based community."

Like Pinch Sulzberger, Harvey Weinstein and the other ultra-left Hollyweird retardos are committing some sort of elaborate public suicide ritual which amuses people unable to appreciate the subtle nuanced "reality-based copmunity's" pathetic propagation of hoaxes and support for criminal organizations like ACORN & MediaMutters & other polymorphous perversions of the political scene in the US.

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