Friday, October 16, 2009

Harry Stein on Liberal Fascist "Racism" of Lower Expectations

The cry of "Racism" is a conversational hand grenade thrown by Liberal Fascists when they are being proven wrong, as they invariably usually are, on any number of issues. In a brilliant article in City Journal, Harry Stein expatiates:
.....those liberals who’ve lately been issuing the racism charge so promiscuously (speaking of aberrant hearts and minds) are aiming it not at skinheads living in their parents’ basements or at would-be Klansmen, but at decent Americans with the temerity to object to presidential policies that they believe would damage both the quality of their lives and the nation itself: in short, at Americans acting in the best tradition of democratic citizenship. This is so preposterous that literally millions who’ve never before given the matter any thought are taking notice.

And what they see is what has long been true: that the charge of racism is invariably a crock; indeed, that more than simply an expression of (often contrived) liberal moral outrage, it’s intended to be the ultimate conversation stopper. Ward Connerly, long the leader of the fight against racial preferences in America, observes that he’s had the experience more times than he cares to count of speaking before an audience, knowing that 99 of 100 people agree with him. “But if there’s one angry black person in the audience who disagrees,” he says, “that person controls the room. He’ll go on about the last 400 years, and institutional racism, and ‘driving while black,’ and the other 99 will just sit there and fold like a cheap accordion.” And Connerly is black himself. For the liberal opinion makers and trend setters who’ve set themselves up as America’s racial referees, the accused racist is always presumed to be guilty of at least something.
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Ward Connerly and Michael Steele are true gentlemen and scholars. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are racist pimps and shakedown hustlers. Given the present state of American politics, guess who gets the face time and fawning "respect" from pseudo-journalists like Tweety Bird Matthews and DUI hit-and-run CNN drunk Rick Sanchez? [The NFL suspends players for DUI malfeasance, CNN promotes them!] But I digress. Harry Stein implies that Obama himself is responsible for much of the toxic sewage floating at ordinary Americans from anointed gatekeepers on the Upper West Side:
Countless ordinary Americans are tired of being called racists for no other reason than that their political and social beliefs are uncongenial to those on America’s college campuses or New York’s Upper West Side. President Obama himself may have set this seismic shift in motion in July with his off-the-cuff and wholly inaccurate attribution of racism to a decent Cambridge cop for the sin of doing his job. But the latest spate of charges from his surrogates is the topper. Here’s hoping it leads to the honest conversation on race that Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, claims to want.

Harry follows through with a nice little disquisition on tit versus tat:
That conversation is long overdue, so let’s have at it. Let’s talk, for starters, about the shocking double standard in the way liberals and conservatives are allowed to deal with race and racism. Why is it okay for liberals to belittle Clarence Thomas endlessly as an Uncle Tom? And how does liberal cartoonist Ted Rall get away with calling Condoleezza Rice a “house nigga,” and his colleague Jeff Danziger with drawing her as a mammy in a caricature as cruelly demeaning as anything in Julius Streicher’s Der Stürmer?

Let’s talk, too, about racial profiling—and start paying appropriate attention to the statistical evidence cited by Heather Mac Donald establishing that the disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates of minorities are explained not by racism but by disproportionate rates of criminality. Let’s talk about how American business has long been subject to blackmail by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in the name of social justice, and about the many other ways in which the regime of racial preferences has sowed division and corruption in this country. Let’s talk about how even after the Duke rape fiasco, the media continue to give credence to every racism charge; indeed, how just this week, vicious (and transparently phony) statements about race attributed to Rush Limbaugh uncritically disseminated by mainstream outlets helped sink Limbaugh’s bid for NFL ownership. And yes, let’s talk about white liberal bigotry, the bigotry of low expectations, and how it cripples and demeans those it supposedly aims to help. Exhibit A might be the recent call by the Tucson Unified School District to revamp its disciplinary system to cut down on the suspensions and expulsions of minority students (but not white ones) so that the numbers reveal “no ethnic/racial disparities.”

Libtard Fascists like Ezra Klein get promoted to Washington Post and TV celebtard status by gatekeeper hypocrite-in-chief Charlie Rose, who never met a leftist ass he didn't want to kiss, or at least dance to each cheek. PBS Liberal Fascist convicted DUI offender [though unlike Sanchez, not a hit-and-run perp] Bill Moyers still refuses to give Robert Caro an interview about his homophobe days as LBJ's gatekeeper---when he was still a "Baptist minister" and not a con-man shill for social diseases of the mind. But that's okay for girly-man Charlie Rose, whose conservative guests are as unlikely as the proverbial Black Swan, to appear on his table of left-tilted ping with no pong. Meanwhile, Harry Stein hits the proverbial walk-off home-run when he notes:
Are such conversations possible in contemporary America? With the liberals’ racism charge losing its power to intimidate and silence, there is at least some hope. Because finally, more and more of us are getting the message that it’s the fear of having these conversations that is truly racist.
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