Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tom Fingar, Traitor or Obama's Butt Boy?

Iran has a secret facility that the US and France knew about for three years before outing Iran at the Pittsburgh summit, after Sarkozy, whose country had developed the intelligence had been begged by Obama not to break the news at the UN.

Recently, I was watching a half-wit female on World Focus explain, after all this, how the NIE assessment in 2007 meant the Iranians weren't developing nukes. Dallywally was the biyotch disinformation libtard who replaced a better "anchor" named Savage who was more balanced on issues. It seems only libtards can be anchors on PBS programs. So the NIE lie has a thousand rebirths, especially from the libtard lefties who repeat it, as Dallywally did, long after the NIE assessment has been proven false.

Fingar is unapologetic for being a traitor. And here is Ken Timmerman's take:
Some of the analysts who worked on the December 2007 NIE have told reporters that they felt an overwhelming sense of political responsibility in drafting their report: to make sure they didn’t give President George W. Bush an excuse for launching military strikes on Iran.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger publicly chided the analysts who wrote the NIE for politicizing intelligence. They saw themselves as “a kind of check on, instead of a part of, the executive branch,” Kissinger said. He excoriated them for seeking to become “surrogate policy-makers and advocates,” instead of analysts.

The goal of the analysts writing the NIE was widely seen as tying the hands of President George W. Bush on Iran and specifically taking a military option off the table.

Former State Department intelligence analyst Tom Fingar, who coordinated the NIE, told an audience at the New Americas Foundation that the Iran NIE had been written and rewritten by June 2007, but that he and other analysts weren’t pleased with it because it repeated earlier estimates that Iran was continuing to pursue nuclear weapons.

Fingar intimated that he was afraid this conclusion would give the Bush administration an excuse to launch military strikes on Iran, so he said he held the report, hoping something would come up.

“Then we got new information — significant new information,” Fingar said. “And then a lot more information came in,” causing the CIA analysts to look at everything they thought they knew “in the light of the new information.”

The dramatically rewritten estimate now concluded that Iran had shut down its nuclear weapons program, and appeared to have been based on information that Asghari provided to the CIA during debriefings.

Sources who read the 1,500 source notes to the 140-page report said that its most dramatic assertion was based on “a single, unvetted source,” most likely Asghari.

But when Newsmax asked Asghari personally through a trusted intermediary how he felt about the way the information he had provided the CIA had been used in the NIE, his response was startling.

“That’s not what I told the CIA,” he said. “I didn’t tell them that the nuclear weapons program had been shut down, but that it was ongoing.”

Congressional Republicans are now calling on the intelligence community to review the December 2007 NIE using a “red team” of outside analysts.

An intelligence community fact sheet on the Qom enrichment facility released by the White House recently claimed that the new information on Qom “does not contradict our 2007 assessment of Iran’s nuclear program.”

It seems that the "intelligence community" has not learned from its treasonous undermining of Bush and that the White House might be happy to be fed misinformation that reinforces its own cowardly agenda.

Fingar, of course, is in think tank heaven, and Panetta cannot control the pro-Jihadist wing of his own CIA.

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