Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Nasty Letterman had Rape Room Above Stage

David was insulting a conservative recently about her looks until someone put up a picture of his "wife," a woman named Lasko, who looks like a truck ran over her face. Now it is becoming clear that Lasko was married off to him to provide cover as a bunch of exes started to get restive---at the moment this hypocritical p.o.s. is beginning to feel the karma that years of phoniness have piled up over his head like a mountain of pigsh*t now sliding downward on him in full living smellovision.

This garbage and lie specialist used to dump on Palin---probably wanted to invite her to his rape room above the stage if he ever could get her on his unfunny evening show.

Next, I'm waiting for Julia Roberts and the other skag-piles he regularly invites as guests to "stick up for" Dave---which is what I'd like to do to with a broomstick up his most productive orifice.

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