Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beck-Basher Wehner Now Finds Glenn Helpful in Outing Dunn's Maoism

Peter Wehner elsewhere critiqued Glenn Beck as harmful to Conservatism, but from what I've seen of GB, methinks Peter may really be subliminally messaging that Glenn is not helping Republicans of his own ilk, you know, those compromise-seeking types like Gerson, Crist, Graham, Gingrich, and other RINOs who see the Republicans' present problems as stemming from not being accommodating enough with radicals bending the Constitution and ramming ridiculous legislation in a spasm of tyranny of the majority.

The Dems see that the 2010 elections will soon remove the DNC & Chicago Political Machine's boot from the nation's throat---now that ACORN is not handling significant parts of the census-taking which would usher in spectacular gerrymandering which might ensure a Dem House majority even in states which are predominantly conservative. Happily, Breitman's Big Government blog published the courageous underground journalism of Hannah Giles and her "pimp" carrying hidden cameras. Andrew B. & Matt Drudge have taken over FOX's job of offering real investigative journalism to the public, by the only means possible in an era of drive-by media unournalism. Not reporting over 700,000 tea party demonstrators in September to any serious extent was a monstrous demonstration of sheer bigotry by the networks and the unwatched cables. FoxNEWS did show up for that major event.

As a thought experiment, can you remember the burbling and gushing over the Million Man March, led by an anti-Semitic paramilitary generalissimo and then rationally compare that to the thundering silence over an equally large event? [This is real irony, not the Anita Dunn sophomoric silliness]

Wehner quotes Penn Scholar Arthur Waldron's summary of Mao:
Mao was the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century. Much of the killing was direct, as in the torture and purges at Yan’an. After the Communist seizure of power in 1949, the practice became countrywide. Mao set his numerical targets openly, and stressed the ‘revolutionary’ importance of killing.” It is said of Mao — who was responsible for the death of some 70 million Chinese — that he derived a “sadistic pleasure” from seeing people put to death in horrible ways.

1'm sure Anita could also "ironically" find a half dozen reasons to call Joe Stalin one of her favorite political philosophers, or perhaps even Adolf Hitler on the importance of an immensely overpoweringly strong central government. Sure they weren't "philosophers," as Anita now protests in contending that one, the conservatives didn't get the "joke" and two, that she was filching from Lee Atwater, where she unconvincingly claims that she found the quote.

Yeah, Anita, Mao Zedong wasn't a political philosopher and that's why hundreds of millions of Chinese were forced to carry around his "little red book" of quotations. Just like she wants the US media to fawn and grovel uncritically in front of the utterances of her Lord and Master, Dear Leader Brobambi.

I wonder if she would finds it was "ironic" from the speech footage that she appeared to be a gullible disciple of Totalitarian politics who actually bought into the Chairman & his genocidal policies. I'll see her irony and raise her with a "joke" that Mao's politics are sort of like "death panels" for the landowners and political opponents that our ObamaCare will supply to our overaged and unproductive parasites over sixty-five who perhaps should be sent to work camps or gulags to continue to be useful citizens.

Of course, already the NYT gatekeepers and media minders like the NYT's Cheryl Stolberg are scolding us uncomprehending masses for taking Dunn's lunacy seriously. The JournoList listserv agitprop serfs are at the moment preparing a combined operations counterattack to Glenn's impertinence in electronic and print circles which spanks Glenn roundly for his inability to savor Anita's deep sense of literary theater in her high school homily.

Or maytbe, just maybe, this woman is simply a freak holdover from the sixties, and an embarrassment to every Democrat with a triple-digit IQ.

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