Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Girly-Man Obama Afraid to Bring Up Iran Sanctions with Russia?

The four-women-out-of-five Nobel Panelists in Oslo probably gave Obama that Faint Praise Peace Prize for cowering again in the face of opposition, this time in New York after Medvedev of Russia opined that sanctions against Iran are not very "effective," spurring Obama not even to bring them up with the Russians. This according to veteran Russia-watchers Dimitri Simes and James Collins in the link above.

So taking away the missile sites from Poland and the Czech Republic [in the process insulting Poland in a stupendously stupid anniversary boo-boo on the 70th year to the day after Stalin invaded Poland from the East] has had no effect on Russia vis-a-vis Iran, against which the missile sites were to protect the EU---themselves a cowering group of libtards eager only to avoid strife even if it means ethnic takeovers from illegal immigrants.

And Hilary Clinton will not be meeting PM Putin in Moscow today, as after the "reset" button mishap, he probably thinks she's as stupid as her boss Obama is cowardly.

I hope the Israelis bomb the s**t out of Iran and throw this pipsqueak POTUS of ours into a real girly-man hissy-fit.

A major blogress [who voted for Obama] called him "pussy-whipped."

After seeing the FRONTLINE piece on Afghanistan & Pakistan tonight, I don't think this cowardly specimen of metrosexuality hs a future in foreign policy that he'll be proud of.

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