Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Granholm Gives Michigan the Canuckistan Disease

Border-Jumper Canuck Granholm thankfully cannot spread her mental disability acquired in the Great White North by running for national office. So she spreads her blight of Canadian DNA called taxation without real representation to the hapless former prosperity zone called Michigan. Whose economy resembles its NFL franchise.

The idea is to put as many as possible freeloading "faineant" worthless public employees as possible onto the relief roll known as the Michigan public sector:
Following her 2007 misadventure, Ms. Granholm promised: "I'm not ever going to raise taxes again." That pledge lasted about 18 months. Now she wants $600 million more. Among the ideas under consideration: an income tax increase with a higher top rate, a sales tax on services, a freeze on the personal income tax exemption (which would be a stealth inflation tax on all Michigan families), a 3% surtax on doctors, and fees on bottled water and cigarettes. To their credit, Republicans who control the Michigan Senate are holding out for a repeal of the 22% business tax surcharge.

As for Ms. Granholm, she and House speaker Andy Dillon continue to bow to public-sector unions. There are now 637,000 public employees in Michigan compared to fewer than 500,000 workers left in manufacturing. Government is the largest employer in the state, but the number of taxpayers to support these government workers is shrinking. The budget deadline is November 1, and Ms. Granholm is holding out for tax increases rather than paring back state government.

Looks like Michigan will be the first major state run for and by parasites and feeders at the public trough. Barnyard animals and their attendant fleas, flies, and intestinal tapeworms all members of the SEIU.

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