Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Richardson Flames Out

Bill Richardson claimed to have dated my wife at Tufts, he was a generous man who has had a wonderful career who incidentally helped my wife and myself in the '80s in between jobs. We gave a fund-raiser cocktail for him back then in our home in NW DC, and he & I talked late into the nite as his lovely wife talked to my wife after the shindig.

He told me the greatest national security crisis facing the US [and this was while the USSR was still our antagonist] was illegal immigration. Hmm....seems that an election campaign on the national level can sort of change one's approach to issues.

In Bill's case, the gentle humorous fellow I know turned into a strident pro-immigration anti-war candidate trying to outnut the nutty ultra-left defeatists. Who was his campaign adviser and why didn't Bill tell the guy/gal to butt out?

He must be lonely out in Santa Fe and hankering after DC with a dose of Potomac Fever. It's ruined other men & his campaign was not distinguished by the thoughtful and diplomatic discourse he is capable of. Back to Sante Fe, I guess.

His VP chances are probably diminished, but identity politics is the Democrat's biggest vice and as an Hispanic, he might benefit from their addiction to ethnic & gender biases.

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